Kathy Moser - Sound Track for Recovery

Kathy Moser - Sound Track for Recovery

 Stanhope, New Jersey, USA

Music is a powerful way to reach the hearts and minds of people on the journey of recovery. Whether it is through a live performance or a songwriting workshop, Kathy's experience as a musician and a person in long term recovery can help others to find success in recovery.

For More information contact Kathy Moser 908-591-4541 kathy@musicforrecovery.com


Contact info:  Kathy Moser kathy@musicforrecovery.com 


Music is a powerful, positive interactive way for clients to deepen their connection to themselves and each other.

A "Recovery Songwriting Workshop" can help your clients practice their recovery skills in a fun, safe and creative environment. At the end of 2 hours they will have created their own soundtrack for recovery.

The "Guide to the Landscape of Recovery" concert will give your clients an hour tour of what to expect on the journey to joy. This concert is interactive and high energy.

Kathy has given recovery performances and workshops at Alina Lodge, The Meadows, Father Martin's Ashley, Caron Texas, Gosnold on Cape Cod,  Rutgers Institute, Seabrook House, JayWalker Lodge,CO, Harmony Foundation, The Association of Recovery Schools, and more.

Here's what participants are saying .....

"First it was intimidating, then it was possible, then it was fun! I felt proud at the end. Something I haven't felt in a very long time."
Michele age 57 Emerson House

 "I've never done anything like this, expressing myself through music.  The words and my current feelings is the only way in four years that I've actually expressed myself and the way I feel.  You have changed my whole perspective on recovery."   Mike age 28 Miller House. 

"This gave me a better understanding of what I can expect in the journey of recovery. Also showed me I can have fun without drugs."  Amber age 18 Emerson House, MA

"I smiled so much my face hurts!"  Jane age 53 Father Martin's Ashley, MD

We did exactly what we all talked about fearing.. working as a group! Thank you Megan age 20 Seabrook House, NJ

"Fantastic presentation, well prepared, well presented. Would highly recommend this program."  Larry age 57 Seabrook House, NJ

Here's what professionals are saying......

"Kathy's music not only bridges the gap between art and treatment it reaches deep inside and in a beautiful way validates ones feelings, it is joyfully engaging and helps pave the path to recovery." Dr. Bob Lynn

"In a very short time, my students were completely engaged. Kathy quickly connected because they knew immediately that she talks the talk, walks the walk and definitely does the deal." Daney Tanner, REACH Recovery High School, Casper, WY

"Your music is strong, honest, healing and beautiful."
Angela Shepherd, Program Director
Gosnold at Emerson House


The Person that I Used to Be

Written By: Kathy Moser

The Peron that I Used to Be

If the person that I used to be, Somehow accidentally
Met the person that I am today, they would not have a lot to say
But if the person that I used to be, did not walk along inside of me
Then the person that I am today,
would have turned out some whole different way

Forgive myself, how can I, forgive myself, how can I
Forgive myself when I won’t forgive anybody else

The person that I used to be forged her whole identity
From what she thought you thought of me
From who she thought you wanted me to be

The person that I used to be, played the cards that she could see
This person that I am today has a whole different hand of cards to play

Forgive myself, how can I, forgive myself, how can I
Forgive myself when I won’t forgive anybody else

Cause nobody knows what they’re doing baby
Nobody really has a clue, it’s true
This whole human race all 6 billion and 5
Every single one of us is just muddling through

Now this person that I used to be she would be so proud of me
This person that I am today, the things I do the things I say
So if this person that I used to be, somehow accidentally
Met this person that I am today, here’s what I think that she would say
She’d say……

Forgive yourself, why don’t you, forgive yourself, why don’t you
Forgive yourself and while you’re at it
you can go ahead and forgive everybody else

So if this person that I used to walks along inside of me
This person that I am today wouldn’t have it any other way.


Written By: Kathy Moser

Key F#
BPM = 120

Form – verse – chorus – verse – chorus - ½ verse – bridge – verse - chorus

I was minding my own business, not that I have a lot of business to mind
It was Tuesday, I was in the garden eating leaves in the sunshine

When all of the sudden, for no particular reason I started feeling ill at ease
the season for molting is way past gone I must have some new weird caterpillar disease

So I decide I’ll go find Edith, Edith always knows what’s going on
I look everywhere that I can think of but Edith, oh poor Edith, she’s gone

Now I’m feeling sick, worried and dizzy, so I pick a place to lie down
I stick my four back feet on a shady branch and let my head hang towards the ground

Maybe I was just dreaming, Could be my imagination
but a voice just kept repeating, these are the blues of transformation

It gets worse, and I start shedding, no I mean really, on and on and on
Like every single bit of skin I’ve know and been slightly fond of
Every single bit of it is gone

Turns out my inner child is actually a shiny bright green
I haven’t had this bad a day since I was a larva
I know you know what I mean

Next my skin starts to harden, and I start feeling trapped
Anyone who tells you they enjoyed their cocoon, they are full of crap

That’s when things get really weird and I start to come apart
Talk about a breakdown baby, I’ve got no lungs no brain no heart


When I finally wake up, I’m trapped and in the dark Trapped in the dark and all alone,
I tell myself self as soon as I get myself out of hear I am going home

I look for a door but there isn’t one, I have no idea what to do
There is no way out of here, the only way out is straight thru

So I push and I kick and I bite and I scream and I push and I pull…. And I’m out

I can’t believe it, I’m still in the garden, but somehow everything has changed
There’s something sticking out of my back, oh no, good god wings?

I stretch my legs, hey what happened to my legs, I had 16 now ten of them are gone
One thing I can tell right away is I’m gonna need a new way of holding o
Marvin, you look marvelous, what a beautiful proboscis you’ve got
You turned out fabulous, Marvin, I must say, you are hot

Edith, it sounds like Edith, Edith, what happened to you
I’m a butterfly now Marvin and you, you are too

No you haven’t been dreaming
This is not your imagination
It’s been me that’s been repeating these are the blues of transformation

I'm Open

Written By: Emerson House - Gosnold

I’m Open
Emerson House October 2011

Need to find a place to make a stand
So sick of all my ways and all my plans
Arms stretched out, though I’m unsure
I want to believe, love and be pure
I always find myself wherever I go
But I’m open to something more than what I know

I’m open to letting go
I’m open to go with the flow
I’m open let go of the wheel
to take a chance and tell you how I feel

Praying for open ears to stay open-minded
I can hear perfectly fine but my views are blinded
I’m lookin’ for change but I can’t seem to find it
I hit the bottom and that’s when I decided
I always find myself wherever I go
But I’m open to something more than what I know


Seeing with new eyes, listening with new ears
Even if it’s not what I want to hear
All this time I’ve been so wrong
But there you were all along
I always find myself wherever I go
But I’m open to something more than what I know


©Gosnold on Cape Cod
workshop facilitated by Kathy Moser kathymoser.com

My Strength Is Walking Through This Door

Written By: Emerson House - Gosnold

Walking Through This Door
Written at Emerson House, September 2012

Verse 1
Drugs stripped me of body mind and soul,
a never ending search just trying to feel whole.
My experience where I’ve been
When I got here I realized who I was again. REALIZED WHO I WAS AGAIN!

My strength is walking through this door
My hope is what I’m striving for
With every baby step I take
I stand a little taller, dig a little deeper,
and growwwww a little stronger

Verse 2
To find my voice, To stand again
to get my strength from paper and a pen
Now I’m working hard, now I’m doing right
Happy with my actions by the end of every night


i don't wanna feel it,
don’t want to reveal it
and I don't wanna deal with it,
But I know I have to heal with it

Verse 1


Fake It Til You Make It

Written By: Alina Lodge Women

Change allows me the freedom to be,
accept my future and destiny
Love the person I couldn’t see, the person I was intended to be

Fake it ‘til you make it, Agitated
Fake it ‘til you make it, I’m frustrated
Fake it ‘til you make it,
Make it become Something that’s real X2

Faith can change your very soul,
Like a diamond from a piece of coal
You start with just the smallest hope,
The voice inside your heart just spoke


Finally fitting in my own skin
Let my journey in life begin
No more struggle, no more fight
Guided by my inner light




Ride Horses 1993
Get Used to It 2001
Good Things 2004
Live from Godfrey Daniels 2006
Some 1 Like U 2010