Music Hustla's

Music Hustla's

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My music is fresh, very versatile. My group is multi-talented and charsmatic. Also pertaining to my music, I can switch it up to any level.


I am tring to bring something new to the industry, a new sound, and also another content to rap/hip hop. Not staying on the same lyrical subjects. I'm trying to go beyond the stereotypical rap topics. But trying to start a new category of music. Although I like those things, I feel like I've struggled to talk about more than just that. What sets us apart..... We're unique, in many ways but we are just like any other person in the music biz, we are in it for the love of music. Our story, Well as a child sitting in the pughs of the church I fell in love with the melodies that the organ player Mrs. Hattie Robinson played. I have been in love with music ever since. My music teachers in school had great inspiration also. A keyboard was one of the first instruments that my mother gave me. I've been playing since I was 8 years old growing up in poverty you have so many other things that you can get involved in. My music was something that kept my head leveled.


At this time I don't have any released, but that is all in the process. Nor do I have any on the radio,yet.

Set List

Get "R" Done, Peter Roll, and Pimp Type.
The sets normally last approximately 20 minutes.