Music In, Music Out

Music In, Music Out


Music In, Music Out ( MiMo for short) is not just a name, but the active conciousness of our music; to connect with the soul. Our Influences vary greatly across the spectrum which plays a large role in our ability to create and improvise forward thinking funk grooves and jammy orchestrations.


M.i.M.o. Music In Music Out. That’s the formula for the groove. Guitarists Josh Phillip and Jordan Inglee, bassist Nick Rossman and drummer Devin Weston came from locations coast to coast to form in Portland, OR with a singular make music that moves you. Drawing from a diverse array of influences, MiMo strive to create their own brand of forward thinking music, and with a penchant for high energy live performance and improvisation, MiMo takes the best of rock, jazz, latin, and funk and turns out their own groove beyond classification. The vision of MiMo shines brightly through their candid and ambitious songwriting, their freewheeling lyrical dexterity, and their clear command of their instruments. MiMo have taken in the best of the music world and through hard work and and ear to the groove, have put out a pulse that moves the soul.


Demo 2008 - Mimology

Set List

At our max we are able to currently play 3, Fifty(50) Minutes sets, or 2 hour and a half sets, winding on the fly improvisation into large structured songs and orchestrations, with interspersed covers that we play with our own touch. Our hearts are rooted in live music, and believe that is where we are at our best. Our sets typically change, and morph constantly, and try to always be creating and playing in the moment.

Finished Originals - Avg Length Times

The Way I feel - 7 min
Tighten Up - 15 min
Tital Water-> - 10 min
Shake Your Ass Move Your Feet - 10 min
3TAB->Transmigration to the Abysmal Brine - 12 min
I Feel Strange - 10 min
Invasion - > - 15 min

and currently 3 more being finished

Covers- we take covers very seriously, as we want to make sure to always be pushing ourselves as musicians, and be writing as much of our material as possible. If we play a cover, we want it to be special, or different in some way.

Chamelion - Herbie Hancock
Cissy Strut -