Music in the making

Music in the making

 Bellingham, Massachusetts, USA
BandHip Hop


Brian Bernier and myself have always been musicly talented and have a deep passion and genuine love for music, when brian was young he took guitar lesson and played the piano, he still can play both amazing. When i was young i playedd the drums and the piano, music has always been one of the biggest parts of my life. I always dream about making music for a living and i believe that me and Brian have the skill to do so, but simply need to be heard. We've had previous opening acts for Kid Ink, Logic and Los and also did a couple of our own shows in providence and worcester. Were from Bellingham massachusettes, Brians 16 and im 17 turning 18 in June. We are young kids with endless potential and we already have people messaging us telling us were their favorite rappers and they listen to our music everyday, theres no feeling like it.

Set List

make it nasty
no one like me
say yeah
dream on
rack city
nothing back
but on the inside