Music is Our Drive

Music is Our Drive

 Arlington, Texas, USA

Music is Our Drive (M.O.D.) is a futuristic rap/pop group from arlington, tx. Devin produces and raps, Jordan is the singer/songwriter and Jaxson is the cinematographer/rapper. Together they have come up with some very creative and innovative musical masterpieces. 9729517874


M.O.D. met through timberview high school band in 2007. Originally Six Deep Krew made up of 6 friends, the group slimmed down to 3 and renamed themselves M.O.D. or Music is Our Drive. Their first project titled "Life of the Party" was recorded in a bedroom with an mp3 player mic. Despite their lack of proper studio equipment, the project proved their musical range, creativity, and potential. After doing many shows throughout Dallas/Fort worth and taking home the grand prize for many battle of the bands, M.O.D. began another project and after almost a year of recording they released a more polished self-titled debut album. (available at


Life of The Party
Music is Our Drive