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"Culture Shock by Laura Jean Grant"

SYDNEY - Two of Cape Breton newest residents are putting the finishing touches on a new CD appropriately titled Culture Shock.

Ken Shasky, a writer, and his wife Arnaly Arriaga, a music composer, are hoping the CD will showcase their talents to create music for television and film as well as performing artists.

"We're not promoting ourselved as performing artists. We're promoting ourselves as composers," explained Arriaga

Shasky said the 13-track adlt contemporary easy-listening CD features original music in both English and Spanish.

Shasky, a former partner in a food service company in Ontario, and Arriaga, a composer and performer from Venezuela who moved to Canada and obtained a jazz music degree from McGill University in Montreal, met several years ago at an airport. They married three years ago and settled in Barrie, Ont., but both were ready for a change.

The couple travelled to Cape BReton and instantly fell in love with the island. They spent some time searching for a place to build and recently made the permanent move to Cape Breton and their new home.

"We found seven gorgeous, majestic acres on Whale Point about 15 minutes outside of Port Hawkesbury," said Shasky.

"It didn;t take long to convince me," said Arriaga, of the move, noting she was tired of the noise of city life.

The couple describe their new surroundings as inspiring with Arriaga noting the "music flows so easy" here.

And that's a good thing as Shasky and Arriaga are now devoted full-time to their own composing company, AA MusicLab Productions, and recently signed Cape Breton's Bruce Aitken to their team.

Shasky and Arriaga wrapped up recording the CD Culture Shock at Soundpark Studios in Sydney and expect it to be ready for release by April 20.

Both noted that in addition to shopping thir music out to artists and film and television producers, they're also eager for Cape Bretoners to get a chance to hear their music.

"We want the people of Cape BReton to know us better," said Arriaga. - Cape Breton Post

"It Has Been Said About Arnaly..."

"...After I've heard Arnaly singing, I've felt happy and sad at the same time.... Her voice and her singing reminded of my long gone friends....Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Elis Regina...."

Georges Moustaki, February 11th, 1999 at Bobards, Montreal, Canada.

Dinamic...! Composer-arranger-pianist-singer Arnaly A is an exciting new addition to the Montreal scene. Accompanied by some of the city's most talented musicians, she takes you on voyage across the planet's best beats with a fusion of Latin, Brazilian, African and flamenco stylings.

International Nuits d'Afrique Festival magazine. July ‘99 Montreal, Canada.

...A Venezuelan-born Montrealer who mixes salsa, bossa and latin american rhythms: Arnaly A y la Nueva Banda, clean, impeccable" says Bouba Sow.

Alain Brunet, Entertainment review. La Presse, 23/07/99. Montreal, Canada.

…”Es bueno saber que los venezolanos no estamos esperando que la crisis se solucione para hacer trabajos de alta calidad!”(“It is good to know that Venezuelan artists are not waiting for the economic crisis to solve in order to make high quality music”)

Angela Molina, 23 de marzo de 2000, Semanario Calle Real. Caracas.

…” Iniciativas independientes como las de Arnaly deben ser, no solo apoyadas por la industria nacional, sino difundidas por su gran calidad” (“Independents efforts like Arnaly’s should be, not only supported, but promoted because of its great quality”)

Juan Manuel Laguardia, 15 de Agosto de 2000. El programa de Fullchola. Radio Capital 104.5 FM

…”Arnaly tiene la particularidad de alegrarle el día a la gente con su música, no hay mejor compañía para la vida que una buena canción.”(Arnaly has the ability of cheering people’s day with her music. There is no better company for life than a good song”)

Eli Bravo, 30 de octubre de 2000. Radio Global. La Mega Estacion. Caracas. - Different Venues.


"Siente" Arnaly, 2000. Produced, composed and arranged by Arnaly
"MakeaStar.com Compilation No 2" Various artists featuring "Gipsy Heart" by Arnaly
"Culture Shock" Arnaly & Ken 2007.



A native Venezuelan,Arnaly is a singer, composer, arranger and pianist based in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada. A native Canadian, Ken is her husband and co-writer. Our goal: to make music for TV/Film and performing artists.

Our credits:

1996 Arnaly performs at Festival de Jazz de Montreal
1999 Arnaly performs at Festival Nuits D'Afrique (Montreal)
2000 Arnaly's CD Release "Siente"
2002 Arnaly becomes Makeastar.com Artist of the week (July)
2003 CD Makestar.com Compilation released including Arnaly's song: "Gipsy Heart"
2003 Honorable Mention John Lennon Songwriters Award. Song: "Gipsy Heart"
2005 Song:"You're Not Even Mine" wins pro-review at Broadjam.com
2005 Song: Driftwood makes the top ten in the World category at Broadjam.com.
2005 Honorable Mention Billboard Song Contest. Song: "You're not Even Mine"
2006: Song: The Dog Suite, Part I:Dog Digging a Bone, makes the top ten in the "Unique: Soundtrack" category at Broadjam.com
2006 Honorable Mention Billboard Song Contest. Song: Me Gustabas Tanto
2006 Honorable Mention Billboard Song Contest. Song: "No Te Tengo Mas"
2006 Honorable Mention Billboard Song Contest. Song: You Always Have a Place.
2007 "Culture Shock" CD released.