Music Mayhem Live - Game Show

Music Mayhem Live - Game Show

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Mission IMPROVable performs short, fast-paced, hilarious, improvisational comedy games (ala the popular television show "Who's Line is it Anyway?") around the theme of the movie Mission Impossible. The “missions” are created on the spot and based solely on suggestions taken from the audience.


How well do you know your music?
Looking for an interactive and engaging customized entertainment experience? The makers of Music Mayhem Live are proud to present their innovative music game show as entertainment for your next event. Music Mayhem Live is the wildly fun game show that challenges everyone to guess the artist or title of their favorite music. The computer generated game board is projected onto the big theatre screen or high impact interactive entertainment.

Karaoke Machines, DVD Players, TVs and MORE!!

And it goes something like this:
Customized song lists are prepared after consulting with you and your staff. You can choose from virtually any style music from any era. We select contestants from the audience prior to the performance or you can pre-select teams for tournament style play.

Three teams of 5 players compete to be crowned the Music Mayhem Live Champions of each of the three games played in our standard one-hour set. Our professional host starts the game by having the first team spin the giant animated record. The record spinner is separated into play categories that allow the teams to either; Guess Alone/Solo, Shut-up Another Team/Mute or to All Guess/Mayhem. Players take turns spinning the record with a song played and guessed after each spin.

Teams earn one point for being the first to guess the artist and one point for guessing the title of the song. The winner of the game is the first team to earn 11 points. All winners and contestants and some lucky audience members qualify for the grand prize drawing for a deluxe Karaoke machine or a Home Theatre System at the end of the show. Get ready for Music Mayhem Live!