San Diego, California, USA
BandHip Hop

When it comes to my music expect the unexpected, progression with every new track, a fluent flow, & off the wall very well thought out lyrics that will have you saying "ahh I get it" later on. Expect to hear the hardest working individual that you will ever listen to and lastly expect to enjoy it.


Shamar Dozier, "Millz" born in New York and currently living in Pennsylvania where he has lived most his life. Influence by no one really except anyone in any profession that works hard. Millz feels that with hard work and talent, anything can be accomplished. With a very flexible flow, he fits any beat he hears. He's chasing his dream because music is all he has. Finished with high school he plans on working hard on music & his clothing line "Pilot Posse Gear" & just being the best at everything he dives into in life. With over 500000 total views on YouTube without a music video out yet & over 17000 likes on his facebook page, he's looking to further his fan base and grow the Pilot Posse!


Chapter 1: Cold Heart in a Warm January (2011)
Chapter 2: Cupid With a Gun (2011)
Chapter 3: Killer (2011)
Chapter 4 : Highschool Sweetheart (2011)
Chapter 5: Teenage Spirit (2011)
#PilotPosse (2012)
Cali (2012)