I wash all day. I wash all night. I wash all week. I wash till I don't want to anymore. I never could hear the sea in the shell, because it's full of other people's thoughts that spilled out of their ear when they were concentrating on hearing the sea in a shell.


once this whale came to the shore of the atlantic. he was told by the sea lions that there he'd find people beans he could eat that would make him taller. that's when the great minotaur came down and smite him saying, "you musn't eat as the people of old." then came a great rain and all the people of the beach opened their pouches of wool and gathered blue and green happiness for perfumes and ostriches. the whale became moody. the minotaur told the yellow buzzard that he would grant him 3 sandwiches to give the whale in return for a pebble. but alas...the whale hast no fingers to sift to get the desired gift. fantastically furious, the minotaur slapped the poor whale, slicing a portion of his whale blubber onto the shore to later make into expensive lip stick and sell to the people of the great land of mountain brook.


Thoughts and Experience (Full Length)

The Zoo (EP)

Set List

We play all original tunes. Out set length depends on the circumstances of the performance. We have enough material to play for up to two hours.