A crowd pleasing mix of jazz, rock, hip hop, and other styles. A group of fine musicians with the skills to entertain and provoke the musical conciousness of diverse audiences.


Hudson was formed in 2006 because Matt Hudson, Anthony Reid and Will Baggett had so much fun playing music together. They found that they enjoyed music with a fresh sense of rhythm and harmony. This included experimentation with odd meter grooves and improvisation. The result was an authentic brand of jazz that reflected the players love of hip-hop, rock and funk.
In the fall of 2007, David Holloway was added on Keyboards as well as trombonist Norman Palm. Because both of these men understand the importance of instrumental music that is as stimulating as it is accessible, they were a perfect fit.
Since then this quintet has been performing for audiences not only in Chicago but Brooklyn, Washington DC, and Pittsburgh as well.


HUDSON released their self-titled debut album on Lost Nation Sound in June of 2007. They are currently working on a follow up LP due for a June 2008 release.

Set List

Sets can range in length. HUDSON plays an assortment of original material as well as occasional varied covers. HUDSON's songbook has depth. HUDSON can perform as many as four sets per engagement