Love and War
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Love and War


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Have your very own Love and War Song Written About YOU!"

Have you ever wanted to be serenaded by a group of fairly and overly attractive men? If so we are holding a contest from August 1st thru Sept 30th. Post the best picture you have of yourself and title it with your name. The person who receives the most likes of their picture will get their very own personal song written about them and it will be preformed at one of our shows! So like our page and post your picture! Make sure you are on the look out for our upcoming news and concerts! - Self Published


Scheduled recording for Fall 2012



We draw inspiration from a span of genres.
Ben loves AC/DC, John Mayer, and Iron Maiden.
Ely Loves Blink 182, Rise Against, and Go Radio.
Nick is obsessed with The Beatles, Motion City Soundtrack, and Fall Out Boy.
Richie is into Avenged SevenFold, We are the Fallen, and Skrillax.
Then Tim worships Bullet for my valentine, Led Zepplin, Breaking Benjamin, Jimmy Hendrix, And Stevie Ray Vaughn.

When you read realize this assortment of inspirations you can't help but think, "Whats wrong with these people? Why did they form a band" Well our story goes like this

Ben, Ely, and Nick all were in the band in their high school days and unfortunately had to split up and go off to college. While at College Nick joined the Music Fraternity Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia and met his brothers Richie and Tim. While collaborating with each other over 2 years things seemed to be stagnent for the 3, something was missing. As fate would have it Ely would be moving from Houston to San Antonio to live with Nick and Tim, as time went on the foundation for the band grew. After little to no thought Ely and Nick decided to revive Love and War from the ashes and welcome Tim and Richie into the family. The group quickly would raise from it's dusty status to being local pop punk personalties around San Antonio.

Being a group based off of being greek, we tend to bond with others that have ties back to brotherhoods or sisterhoods of their own. We are a electrifying group of individuals who have a talent for making people smile and feel good about themselves. If someone is in a sour mood, our songs' messages can really speak fans. If someone is in a party mood, then our songs will only amplify the the excitement of any night, if someone is just flat out bored, then Love and Wars catchy hooks and Choruses will guarantee to set off a ragging series of sparks inside you mind making you think deeply about many aspects of life. As bothers our blood runs deep back to our roots of Music, we hope to spread our messages and melodies to the farthest reaches of the world as possible.
We are sick of the mundane, we are done with the ordinary, we are here to make it known the bright new beginnings are on their way.