Music of the Spheres Ltd

Music of the Spheres Ltd


We are producers and composers promoting in our current project Beverley Lamothe probably Britain's top new young female singer. Our company is The Music of the Spheres Ltd. As producers we have worked with the UK industry we now wish to promote our own work and seek contracts & publishing deal


Gigs & Biography

Hi I'm Bev and this is a little bit about me.

I'm a singer/songwriter of French/Dominican origin, based in London. I grew up on Soca, Dub, Lover's Rock, Hip-hop & RnB. Quiet a catalogue of influences right! Music has always given life and solace to me for as long as I can remember. I went to a conventional school but was put forward by my teachers to outside agencies, which concentrated on fields in entertainment. In doing so...

I auditioned and won a scholarship to study dance at the Place Theatre at 14 and did so for a year. Realising however, that my heart was in music, not as a dancer but as a vocalist, I joined a reggae band at the age of 15, a 60's band at 16 and a rock band at 18 hoping to find my preferred genre and myself.

By now I had become quite versatile as a singer and I guess it was this versatility that enabled me to be accepted onto a well known London based vocal agency which has since allowed me to work with artists such as the legendary Gary Moore. I landed 6 tracks of background vocals and received an offer to tour with him in promoting the same album centred on his stunning trademark sound of rock and blues.

For Tim Tim, which is a pop/reggae band signed to Emi Austria. I was lucky enough again to land 8 tracks over 2 albums. Two singles with exclusive lead vocals, one of which spent 5 weeks in the Top 10 at positions 2 + 3.

I was awarded a gold disc for recognition of my contribution to record sales on this project, which was really nice.

I have also done live background vocals for Westlife and Errol Brown.

I have studied Music Technology for two years, which has empowered me in producing basic demos from home and equipped me with enough knowledge to co-produce and write all of my own material.

Live Performances Include:-

Top of the Pops Westlife Backing Vocalist

GMTV Errol Brown Backing Vocalist

Cobden Club Kickin Music Solo

Underground Music Awards 2003 Solo
Held @ Hammersmith Palais

Urban Voice Awards 2003 Guest Performance as solo Artist “Beverley”

Manchester City 2003 Solo

The Jump off 2003/2004 Solo

Deal Real 2003/2004 Solo

Hamleys 2004 Solo




Late Sunday Morning

Written By: John Mizarolli

Late Sunday Morning, Woke up you were gone
You done gone left me babe, Left me all alone
Like a feather in the wind I'm helpless ooh baby
Late Sunday Morning, I pick up the phone try to call friend
Don't know why it's got to be this way, I pray this aint the end
I hear an angel talkin to me

I feel like a lonely child in the rain, I'm losin all my pride
Trying to keep away the pain, Like an arrow in my side
Yes, I'm wounded
But the love we had we can heal, Like a sun in your heart
And all the nights we shared were real, Don't let this tear us apart

late Sunday Morning I can't get you out of my head
The radio's playing, I hear all the sweet words you said
And as the tears start rolling I fade into you
Late Sunday morning, I steal a memory from your mind
I can feel you breathing, Your lips so close to mine
But it's just consolation and I'm crying over you


We are a new company set up to get artists signed and our material published. We also seek to be signed as producers and seek publishing deals for our extensive songs catalogue.

Set List

With regards to covers we can play almost anything
from hard rock, rap, blues, R&B, Jazz, Urban.

New material is available in these genres as well as instrumental music. This team is professional.