Music Versus the Heart

Music Versus the Heart


Modern rock band that aims beyond the garage rock scene.


The band started out in the summer of 2001 when Andy and Nick met through the musicians wanted feature in a local magazine. They played as a two piece with a couple different bass players but never got serious until Gary joined in the summer of 2002.

The band put out an EP in spring of 2003 under the name Charlemagne and played lots of shows around Orlando after that as well as a few shows in South Florida.

They stopped booking shows in late 2003 to start work on a full lengh album. In early 2004 though they lost their practice space and had to find a new name because someone else already had it in use.

Recording the new album in 2004 took a back-seat to work and trying to find a new place to rehearse but it finally came together after all the hurricanes in the summer. Shortly after two weeks without power the boys found themselves with a new rehearsal room and a new album.

The album was mastered in Dec. and is currently awaiting reproduction.

MVTH aims to kick the summer of 2005 off well with a CD release and hopefully a show at the Florida Music Festival.

Discography starts at the end. 2003 (EP)

music versus the heart 2005 (LP)

Set List

Typical set contains 7-9 songs and is from 30-45 minutes long. All original.