Music with BRIAN

Music with BRIAN

 Guelph, Ontario, CAN

Put the Wiggles and the Barenaked Ladies in a box, shake it and you get Music with BRIAN! 200 live shows delivered coast to coast in 2010 to rave reviews. Get ready to sing, dance and laugh as part of this interactive, engaging and fun show that has children and parents on their feet wanting more!


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Brian is the recipient of the Starred Audio accolade from Best Books for Kids and Teens 2009 and was selected in 2010 for the publication along with names like Fred Penner, Robert Munsch, Raffi and Sharon, Lois & Bram!

Resource Links National Journal give's Brian its highest accolade of “Excellent and Enduring!”

CM Magazine gives BRIAN 4 stars out of 4!

Rotary Ribfest says, “Brian was an incredible addition to Ribfest. He did an amazing job and the families loved his shows!”

What’s all the hubbub about?! Music with BRIAN and his friends Melody the Hippo and Alan the Lion have children and parents singing, dancing and laughing during every fun-packed performance! Shows are exciting, engaging and interactive.

Brian has the children up and dancing during every performance with songs that you know and love as well as original compositions that are receiving national praise from educators, parents and most importantly, kids!

Brian is much more than a guitar player that sings. Brian introduces the children to the trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, flute, tin whistle, harmonica and hand-drum during every show. Through the use of magic, Brian entertains and educates the children using all of the instruments in his repertoire. “Brian is a sheer delight to both parents and children. His energy and style are contagious!” says Michelle McBride, Special Events Coordinator, City of Kitchener.

It’s not just the instruments or the magic that have people excited about Brian’s shows, it’s the way Brian introduces the children to so many musical genres. Music with BRIAN is a mosaic of styles consisting of folk, rock, the blues, Celtic, pop, jazz, rockabilly and country. Brenda Elliott, former MPP and President of Edward Johnson Music Foundation’s Do Re Mi program says “Any adult or child who gets the opportunity to experience BRIAN’s [show] will be enriched by his unique and refreshing approach!”

Brian, a finance executive of 12 years, leapt from desk to stage and is wowing audiences one show at a time! He has worked closely with his wife Susan, a Psychological Associate with a Masters Degree in developmental psychology, to craft songs and performances that entertain, sustain attention and, above all else, are fun and exciting for young children. “A group of students reacted with great enthusiasm to an hour-long music workshop delivered Friday by Brian Morcombe…” Guelph Tribune, Page 3, January 27, 2009.

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More About Brian

Brian has studied music in one fashion or another for more than 30 years. Although Brian was accepted to York University’s music program in 1992, he ended up pursuing a business degree at the University of Guelph and Wilfrid Laurier University. After 12 years of practicing accounting and tax, Brian, a CMA, is reintroducing himself to the music industry in a manner he never would have expected!

Fast forward to 2006. It was a beautiful summer’s day. Brian and his wife were preparing to take their two young boys to a park near their home in Guelph, Ontario. Brian’s youngest son was protesting because he wanted “music time,” a daily ritual that involves Brian playing guitar and singing songs while his two sons dance, sing and play percussion instruments. Brian compromised by grabbing his guitar as they headed out the door to the park. During a much needed rest from a lot of sliding, swinging and running, Brian pulled out his guitar and began playing Wheels on the Bus. By the second verse, a group of 30 or more children and their parents had gathered around Brian and everyone was singing, dancing, laughing and requesting songs. Music with BRIAN was born.

Soon thereafter Brian was invited to perform at a local library and, in the short time that has followed, Brian has gone on to perform for childcare centres, schools, festivals, hospitals, fundraisers and libraries throughout Ontario.

At the suggestion of audience members, friends and family, Brian began working on Sing Sing Sing in January of 2008.

Reviews of Brian’s Debut CD, Sing Sing Sing:

Resource Links national journal

Awards Sing Sing Sing “E” for Excellent, Enduring, Everyone Must See It!

Sing Sing Sing is the first CD produced by Guelph-based Brian Morcombe. Morcombe’s voice is rich with enthusiasm without becoming sticky sweet and is backed chiefly by acoustic guitar and a broad range of the instruments including horns, Irish whistle, bongos, electric bass and steel drums. The bulk of the 18 tracks on the album were written by Morcombe himself and demonstrate a natural song-writing ability that hasn’t really been seen on the children’s music scene since La


Sing Sing Sing, released September 2008.
Can You Dance? released September 12, 2009.
Show Time, debut DVD released in February 2010.
CD #3, due to release May 2011.

Set List

Sets range from 45 min to 1.5 hours. Multiple sets are welcome. A combination of original and traditional children's music gives rise to a repetoire of more than 150 songs including:

Jump-up - original
Funny monkeys - original
Can You Dance? - original
La Bamba - traditional
Sing Sing Sing - original
I Like Trains - original
Oh Suzanna - traditional
Zoo Time Boogie - original
Ging Gang Goolie - traditional
Waltzing Matilda - traditional
Old George Black - original
Five Little Ducks - traditional
Find a Colour - original
I Like to Smile - original
Wheels on the Bus - traditional
Itsy Bitsy Spider - traditional
Old MacDonald - traditional
The Woods - original
and much, much more!