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Musikanto is the latest alt-country, folk, Americana singer-songwriter to emerge from Chicago in recent years, joining the likes of Joe Pug, Tom Schraeder and His Ego and the now defunct Cracklin Moth. I had to name drop since they’ve all been through the studio to record live sessions. Musikanto was in the studio last week and his session is being mixed by Shirk as we speak.

The debut album Ghost Pain is an addictive twangy rock affair in the same vein as bands like The Old 97’s and Ryan Adams. The album is a solid effort from beginning to end and it’s accessibility will satisfy both the alt-country crowd and the more casual pop-rock aficionados looking for something catchy. He’s releasing it independently, but don’t let that fool you. No corners were cut and this guy can put pen to paper and write great songs that are backed by more than just an acoustic guitar. You’ll hear horns, piano and healthy backing vocals to jazz up his sound.

Formely performing around Chicago with the band Sleeper Car, Musikanto has set out to make a name for himself. Ghost Pain will do just that. Check back next week to hear the Musikanto live session. - hear ya

Musikanto, the twangy Americana singer-songwriter, independently released his solo debut album Ghost Pain – an addictive, country-infused rock album in the same vein as The Old 97’s, Ryan Adams and Wilco. An accomplished songwriter, Musikanto cut–his–teeth in the Chicago band Sleeper Car for a number of years before parting ways and releasing “Ghost Pain.” He brings a musical maturity to the heartbreaking ballads, catchy melodies and jukebox alt-country on Ghost Pain.

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Musikanto's debut album 'Ghost Pain" is an alt-country and Americana music lover's dream with lush melodies, thought provoking lyrics and breezy, uplifting vocals.

Musikanto set out on a solo career after growing up on and Chicago's northside and most recently performed with the Windy City's Sleeper Car. But with "Ghost Pain" it is clearly obvious that Musikanto was born to be a solo act. Musikanto's father enjoyed hard-to-find roots rock and folk music, and this influence shows. But Musikanto's musical style is an interesting amalgamation of the music his father loved combined with elements of soulful British rock, 90s pop/rock and Ryan Adams-style alt-country. This is a powerful and winning combination.

The album begins with the melodic "Misty Morning." For someone who has never heard Musikanto, the first song will be a revelation. The artist's name "Musikanto" might indicate the music is soul or R&B. Likewise, the cover suggests the music might be experimental rock - not the best album the Drive-By Truckers never made. That's why a publicity photo of a laid-back Musikanto with his shirt open strumming a cosmetically imperfect guitar is probably a better representation of the man and his music.

The second song on "Ghost Pain" is "I Ain't Your Rock" which deserves to be major radio hit. This track illustrates the best elements of Musikanto. You see, Musikanto's music will be eaten up like hot dogs at a Cubs game by the masses, but they lyrics and musicianship can be also be enjoyed, appreciated and disseminated by individuals who are more intense music aficionados.

The final song "I Know Something's Going On" is a beautiful ballad. Musikanto wrote every song on "Ghost Pain," and it's clear that this musician knows how to construct a ballad that touches the heartstrings of both men and women - a rare talent. "Atomic Walls" also showcases Musikanto's songwriting skill. But the best track on the album is the haunting "To See You One More Time." The vocal performance is understated and flawless. Plus, the music is stripped bare in a way that highlights the lyrics to maximum effect.

One of the best songs on "Ghost Pain" is the upbeat "Howl." Musikanto can rock a concert hall, and this track proves it. "Take It On Will," "Flowers And Stinging Bees," and "I Don't Even Know About It" all have anthem-like qualities and should also be fan favorites. "I'll Hold You Back" is one of Musikanto's most uniquely wonderful songs, and it succeeds mightily.

Musikanto's "Ghost Pain" is a towering achievement that is not easily compartmentalized into one or two genres. In these days of overly packaged pop princesses using harmonizers and studio wizardry, it is downright refreshing to bear witness to the debut album of an artist who strips his soul bare and presents it on a platter in such a melodic and compelling way.

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Debut LP "Ghost Pain"
"I aint your rock" is the most notable single



Musikanto is the spinoff of the series, Sleeper Car. After performing with the Chicago quintet for 3 + years, Musikanto has established himself as a prolific singer/songwriter. Musikanto was raised on Chicago's northside in 1983, he grew up listening to his father’s obscure folk and roots rock records like Fraser and Debolt and Jerry Hahn. With a propensity towards heartbreaking ballads and melodic melodrama, Musikanto's songs have the bite of a Chicago winter. Celebrating elements of orchestral music, country and jazz, Musikanto manages to maintain the continuity of the American Folk tradition with undoubting ease. As a solo artist, Musikanto offers a more mature perspective on arrangements and composition then ever before. With the lyrical weight of artists like Tom Waits and Elliott Smith, Musikanto's narratives rattle the core of the human spirit. His debut record “Ghost Pain” was released in 2009. Musikanto has performed with artist like AA Bondy, Fleet Foxes, Jackson Browne, The Gourds, Michael McDermott and Split Lip Rayfield