Portsmouth, Virginia, USA

MUSIQ MAGIQ is a BMI songwriting team with a mission to paint pictures in music. Our songs are copyright/available for entertainers to perform. We prepare lead sheets, mp3s, & record performances for other songwriters.


MusIQ MagIQ is a songwriting team with members in Virginia and North Carolina. Although our roots are in Country, we also write Americana, Gospel, Show, Film and Folk music. Kim Phillips, lyricist/composer, has an extensive performance career with songwriting awards. Mary Gugler, composer/band director (with a Masters of Music Education degree), contributes instrumental music expertise while using Finale notation software and ProTools editing/mastering audio software. These two have many years of teaching and performing which they use to help others achieve their mastery of music. We perform regularly at The Ridgeway Opry House in North Carolina using rhythm guitar, banjo, dobro, keyboard and bass to back-up the vocal harmonies. We actively perform in other venues in NC and in the Tidewater area of Virginia.


We're Goin' Back

Written By: Kim Phillips / Mary Gugler

We're Goin' Back
1. (Male) We Left our home in (*)____ searchin' for the better life
until the car broke down in Indiana
(Female) You got a job in a big steel mill I worked nights at Marge's Grill
and through it all we still said “I love you.”

2. (Male) Now (**) ____years have flown away, my hair's gone and yours is gray
but ev'ryday, your beauty's grown within ya'
(Female) We've saved our nickels and our dimes hoping for the better times
when we could go on home to Carolina.

(Both) We're Goin' Back, to Carolina,
We're goin' back to our run-down farm,
We're goin' back to Carolina,
This city life has lost its charm.


3. (Female) That old house will sure look good standin' there in the woods,
the balance of our days we will remain
(Male) Never more to wander far, who the heck needs a car
and live the simple life in Carolina.

Chorus Twice/ First line/ Start Fade

(*) sixty five, seventy five eighty five, ninety five etc
(**) Fifteen, twenty, twenty five, thirty, thirty five etc.

Copyright 1980 Kim A. Phillips
Copyright 2010 Kim A. Phillips/Mary D. Gugler

"Where Have The Steam Trains Gone"

Written By: Kim Phillips/Mary Gugler

1. When I was a mere child of four,
the big steam trains rolled past my door.
followed by two hundred cars or more.
Though our little house was painted white,
the shingles out back were as black as night,
from the smoke and cinders of these man-made hells
Where have the steam trains gone
Now the steam trains have vanished from our country,
Coal smoke don't dirty a young boy.
The rattle of the rails turned to whining of truck wheels,
and there's no magic in a young boy's life no more

2. I used to take my dog out back,
and throw rocks along the track,
waiting for the engines to go by.
The engineer'd make his whistle scream.
the dog got scared from the noise and steam,
and ran and hid up under the back porch.

Where have the steam trains gone


3. My daddy said that we were poor,
but all got a meal at our back door
And every hobo'd stop as they rode through.
I'd hide behind my mama's skirts,
and watch them as they asked for work
Wondering where they'd been
and what they saw.
Where have the steam trains gone

4. Then the diesels came and blazed new trails,
leaving miles of rusting rails,
no longer can you smell the burning coal
All the steam trains now are monuments,
their wheels embedded in cement,
but I remember when they lived and I always will.


They're gone gone gone, they're gone gone gone (Train Whistle)

Copyright 2010 Kim Phillips/Mary Gugler

Hello Costa Rica (Goodbye Misery)

Written By: Kim Phillips, Mary Gugler

Verse 1
Had a big fight on Friday night, and I ran right out the door,
caught the first thing smokin' to our neighbor on the southern shore.
As I walked in the airport, a pretty girl smiled at me,
Hello Costa Rica, goodbye misery.
Verse 2
So I looked in her eyes and said with a grin, "Do you want to come with me?"
She looked me up and down and said, "Si, Señor, Si."
Rum in the sun seemed like such great fun, 'till it made a wreck outta’ me.
Hello Costa Rica, goodbye misery.
Oh we walked hand-in-hand in the moonlight, made love in the sand.
Then I knew that I'd found my place here, in this beautiful land.
Cold beer and a woman of passion, beneath the palm trees
Hello Costa Rica, you're my destiny.
Costa Rica, Costa Rica, home to bananas, coffee and me,
Costa Rica, Costa Rica, you've got all I want from the mountains to the sea,
you've got tourists, and high tech industry,
but the things that you ain’t got are fightin' and misery.
Costa Rica, Costa Rica, you're my destiny.
Verse 3
I'm never goin' back, I'm tellin’ you, Jack, I've found my place in the sun.
I made a great commitment to lying back and having fun.
A forty hour week, fightin’ and bills are so much history.
Hello Costa Rica, goodbye misery.
Oh we walked hand-in-hand in the moonlight, made love in the sand.
Then I knew that I'd found my place here, in this beautiful land.
Cold beer and a woman of passion, beneath the palm trees
Hello Costa Rica, goodbye misery.
Hello Costa Rica, hello destiny.

"Forever Together" (Wedding Song)

Written By: Kim Phillips/Mary Gugler

Forever we'll stop the hands of time, together we make the vows the bind
forever together darling just we two
forever I'll kiss away your tears together we'll share all our fears
forever together I pledge my love to you

1. Today we started our new life when the pastor made us man and wife
your eyes showed me the love that burned inside
I caught my breath as you knelt there with the candlelight gleaming in your hair
I hoped you wouldn't notice that I cried.


2. As the churchbells rang I held you close as we raised our glass in a champagne toast
proposed to our success in unity
Your mother and mine held each other both were shedding tears together
as they blessed and let us go you and me


Double Bed, Single Troubles

Written By: Kim Phillips/Mary Gugler

Verse 1
I’m lyin’ here in our double bed, entwined in your long brown hair
For ten long years, you’ve worked to love, I never pretended to care
And now you say the feeling’s gone and tomorrow you are too
I’ll have this Double Bed, Single Troubles and thoughts of losing you.

Double Bed, Single Troubles and the heartaches of a fool
Thinkin’ back to happier days, when we were one, not two
I know I’ve earned everything, you no longer care for me
I’ve got our Double Bed, Single Troubles and this house of misery.

Verse 2
As you lie with your back to me, here comes the gray of dawn
I wonder about those empty years, and how you carried on
If I could change your mind I would, it’s too late, but it’s true
You’ll leave this Double Bed, Single Troubles and these memories of you.



Three songs: We're Goin' Back, Confined, and Big Steam Trains are on with the Highest weekly rating 93/100. A recent song, Double Bed - Single Troubles is being played at a high rate as well. We have over 35 songs now in various stages of completion. Hello Costa Rica, Goodbye Misery, Where Have The Steam Trains Gone (Original copyright as Big Steam Trains), God Gave Us Love and Forever Together are now available. Forever Together is a love song appropriate for a wedding or other celebration. Hello Costa Rica shows the team's ability to perform in other genres.