Cheng-Ying Chuang & Musitonik

Cheng-Ying Chuang & Musitonik


Cheng-Ying is a singer/Chinese lutenist/arranger/composer who crosses the borderlines from Western Early Music to Modern Chinese Music. He struggles to interpret the depths and beauties of diverse music genres to the contemporary world audience with Musitonik, a group of like-minded musicians.


Cheng-Ying Chuang is the leader of the multicultural music group Musitonik. Being a landscape designer and regional planner previously, Cheng-Ying also studied and performed Chinese lutes from the age of 12. After deciding to devoted himself to music, he came to UK to study voice and finished his PgDip/MMus degrees in music performance at Birmingham Conservatoire in June 2007. After moving to London and being a self-employed musician, he found himself working as both a Chinese instrumental musician and a Western trained singer, who cooperates with musicians of different genres and background, for instance, British musician Damon Albarn (Monkey - Journey to the West project), classical/folk musician and composer Eddie McGuire, Indian Singer Sanchita Pal, iMAP composer/yangqin player Kimho Ip, London Chamber Company artistic director/pianist Mark Troop....etc. Playing Chinese lutes (liuqin and zhongruan) and singing with a countertenor voice in the same time, Cheng-Ying's musicality delicately crosses the borderlines of many different cultures, and expresses especially the aesthetics and dialogues between Chinese traditional and Western classical music.

MUSITONIK is burst out, as a non-chord tone, of the juxtaposition and/or superimposition of different disciplines (architecture, music, geography, education, landscape, psychology). The name derives from those keywords "muse", "tone", and the architectural history term "tectonic" and implies "mused tones which regard music elements as cultural factors". MUSITONIK goes beyond the dichotomies of not only western early medieval/eastern late modern and signifier/signified, but also professional/non-professional and elite/grass-root, which are the man-made form-centric boundaries derived from the development of human history. By brushing consciously the unconscious musical phenomena and accustics against the grain, MUSITONIK TRIO, explores the fertile cultural patterns in the tectonics and praxis of instruments.


The Collected Pieces of Ruanxian & liuqin (As ruan player in Taipei Liuqin Ensemble, ROI Productions, Taiwan). Enchanted by Male Voices (as Liuqin player and countertenor solo in Taipei Men's Glee, conductor/Ching-Chun Su, Ja Wei Audio production, Taiwan)

Set List

Our performances usually combine mixed elements of Chinese/Taiwanese Ancient & classical music /Western Early and contemporary music/ vocal & instrumental music. A set can be 15 min, 30 min, 50 min, 90 min, to 2 hour programme with an interval (formal concert hall style) depends on the occasion.