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"Mustasch 'Latest Version of the Truth' (Regain Records) by Ed Cadaver"

Mark my words, this is yet another Swedish band that will probably cross over into American mainstream. Their sound has a great classic rock feel but at the same time it's highly progressive. For them, their whole musical approach is based on riffs - riffs that make your head move, riffs that you can sink your teeth into, black riffs, white riffs, yellow riffs, hairy riffs, smelly riffs, all kinds of good f*cking riffs on this album! The album was mastered by Vlado Meller (Audioslave, Metallica, Slayer) at Sony Music Studios in New York. It marks a new start for them - working with an internationally renowned sound engineer, and landing a brand new record deal with Regain Records, a metal label with worldwide distribution. They have some previous recordings with some acclaim in their home country, but from my understanding, this album eclipses anything they've done in the past.

Mustasch is Hannes Hansson, rhythm guitar, Ralf Gyllenhammar, vox, lead guitar, Mats Johansson, bass guitar, and Mats Hansson, drums. They formed in 1998 and are based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Currently they're touring in Europe, with no North American dates set yet. Hard rock, straight-up, no bullshit. I'm thinking they're a little like Motorhead, who they also went on tour with. Definately worth checking out. -


Latest Version Of The Truth (CD) -2007
Double Nature (CDs/") - 2007
Bring Me Everyone/Forever Begins Today (CD/7") - 2007
Parasite (MCD) - 2006
Powerhouse (CD) - 2005

"Double Nature" is our far mot successful single ever. with 8 weeks in the top20 single charts in Sweden. Album "Latest version of the truth" was top40 in the Album charts in Sweden for 40 weeks. Massiv airplay.



Mustasch started in 1998 with visions clearer than ever: Refinement.

Instead of keeping up with trends and styles, they cleansed all that didn’t match their conscience. If it felt good, well then it was! Never caring about if the riff was up-to-date or not. Because it was mostly about riffs; riffs that shook up, weighed down, built up. Anything that would make the body take control of the mind. Ergo: Heavy Metal at its best.

In the fall of 1998, Mustasch recorded a demo on the Mustasch Farm. An old estate located on the island Orust in Sweden, where Hannes and Dojan lived among mice, vipers and harvesters. They crammed drums and amps into the living quarters, grabbed their gear and pushed the record-button. And their brew of raging led-heavy riffs, radiant drums and expressive vocals left no-one untouched.

The songs ended up on numerous compilations all over the world. Small labels, small editions and definitely independent. But the independence scene is a vast and powerful network, and so the band entered the stage. One of the first gigs was at a pizza-joint on the country side. The two people in the audience looked like they snuck out from an AA-meeting, but they went berserk as the music started. Touring started paying off, and Mustasch was signed to EMI Music Sweden, and in February 2001 the EP "The True Sound Of The New West" was released.

Touring started for real on clubs and festivals all over Sweden, and Mustasch became a name on the metal scene. The success of the EP, lead to another cooperation with producer Roberto Laghi (Hardcore Superstar, B-Thong, LOK), and in March 2002, "Above All" was released. This, their first full length album, lasted 17 weeks on the Swedish top 40, and with the single "Down In Black" the band crossed the border to the rest of Scandinavia, but most of all Germany, where they made a two-stretch tour with Gluecifer and Rose Tattoo.

All this made "Above All" available in fifteen countries in Europe. As a main attraction on festivals (their appearance at the Roskilde Festival was voted "The Best Concert 2002"), after hundreds of concerts, and being nominated for Best Heavy Metal Album 2002 at the Swedish Grammy Awards, it was time to take it to the next level.

Lining up with producer Jacob Hellner (Rammstein, Apcalyptica) in early 2003, Mustasch went into the studio to record their third album. The outcome "Ratsafari" released in September 2003, with the singles "Black City" and "6:36", resulted in another Swedish Grammy-nomination for Best Heavy Metal Album 2003. Touring increased throughout Europe. Along with headline tours, they also supported Motörhead on their German tour.

When the time came for the fourth recording (third full length) they decided to take it back to where it once began - the rehearsal studio. The idea was to make the recording themselves, with support and guidance from their producer and old friend Roberto Laghi. Released in June 2005, the album "Powerhouse" easily lived up to every expectation.

In the end of 2005 the contract with EMI was fulfilled, so the time came to show the world that Mustasch could stand firmly on their eight feet. After a recording session with producer Tobias Lindell from Bohus Studios, a six track mini-CD was self-released in Scandinavia in May 2006: "Parasite!"

The mini-CD got successful in the Scandinavian territories, and soon Mustasch signed a new record deal. This time a worldwide deal with metal label Regain Records, and finally Mustasch could start working with the world as their base.

A new creation was formed after one year, called "Latest Version Of The Truth". The new record is by far their best record up to this day, so do all bands say, but in this case it's definitely true. Going back to the strong riffs, mixed with a string section and chorus, it creates elements in the music, rarely heard in rock music. The record could easily have been named "The Record".

Now in May 2007, the band has a new strong team behind them, a new label who shares their vision about the music and this new high-flying album out. If you have learned to trust in Mustasch, you won’t be disappointed this time, as they deliver their "Latest Version Of The Truth". The album was recorded by Tobias Lindell at Bohus Sound Studios and mastered by the impeccable Vlado Meller (Audioslave, Metallica, Slayer) at Sony Music Studios, New York.