Muster Station

Muster Station

 South Windsor, Connecticut, USA

Muster Station plays Acoustic Rock, Indie, Funk, and Reggae. We enjoy playing covers from veriest artist such as Dispatch, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime and much more. Not only do we play covers but we also write our own music.


Muster Station is a five piece band that came together in 2009. We have Tyler on drums, Cal on guitar,Matt on Bass, Phil on lead vocals, and Rob on sax and background vocals. We play Acoustic Rock, Funk, Indie, and Reggae. We are just a bunch of musicians who wanna play good music for people and have fun doing it.

Set List

• Here We Go by Dispatch
• Santeria by Sublime
• My Business by Muster Station
• Not Today by Muster Station
• Sister by Hermit Thrush
• Camilo by State Radio
• Open Up by Dispatch
• Wage Peace by Muster Staion
• She’s Only 18 by Red Hot Chili Peppers
• Bang Bang by Dispatch
• Civil Disobedience by Muster Station
• The General by Dispatch
• No Control by Pepper
• Wicker Plane by State Radio
• In The Air Tonight by Genisis
• Hey Joe by Jimi Hendrix