Mus Vic

Mus Vic

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN
BandHip HopSoul

Mus Vic is .... (or I am) an original member of No Right Turn & Rare Balance. Rhymes & Poetry. Images & reflections. Vids & photography. Underground Urban Culture. Road trips, Foreign Accent, Stamped passport, Tour the World, Pay attention not ca$h. Follow Twitter@MusVic -


Quick Q & A's .

Where are you from: Montreal.
Favourite food: Next question.
When did you start making music: Started on a 500 MHZ PC about...8 years ago & here I am on a MACBOOK PRO 8 years later.
Best show you attended: Nas Metropolis, Montreal, QC Hip-Hop Is Dead Tour & Evidence on the FRESH AIR TOUR in Burlington, VT.
How would you describe your music: Food for toughts hip-hop from a North-American young adult perspective...! REALITY CHECK!
Who do you look up to the most: My shower.

Montreal born & raised, college graduate, bachelor Degree in Communications & Politics, I talk more about dreams than I dream.

Let the music speaks for itself, let Montreal be the beautiful city it already is, let the rhymes do the reflexion. Inspired a lot by the backpack underground culture with the likes of Elzhi, Evidence, Blu, Black Milk, Phat Kat, J. Dilla, Rakaa Iriscience, Self Scientifics, Guilty Simpson, Oh No, Madlib, Alchemist, Strong Arm Steady & much much more, it's hard not to be toughtful in my music. A wiseman once told me you better keep quiet if you don't have anything good to say, I opened up & he's still not complaining. Sometimes darkful toughts out of a young north american adult transiting towards the work-a-holic life in this society can result in some thinkful contents on top of a soul & jazz samples...*oh wait a minute* isn't me? Yes, indeed.

The world is too big to be stock up in a selfcenter world, it motivates myself to push it to the limit, reach more venues, export myself out of a comfort zone. Opening for artists I look up too such as D12 & Black Milk made me realize money could buy you everything but experience is more valuable. Don't take anything for granted, life itself is my motivation, work hard, don't party on a birthday, celebrate every night because the deaths don't part way, they just lives through our lives & the journey just begun.


Peace of Mind

Written By: Mus Vic

i wrote a poem, chose to expose my feelings
the only truth i know, they want me to fit in
december dead season to spring by april
snow fall by the tons but it melt on the Real (Montreal)
pot holes guest appearance, featured on my album
got the best of my drive I no longer cant dodge em
artful dodgers, sew wit the pen
mistress in hands unzippin' the pants
good feeling, my smile is not marginal
do it on a daily caus i like it to take it personal
pen scribblin' rippin off these pages
work to step my game up and now passin these stages
bitches dont show love to an intern
in terms, money talks, now she wants to give birth
word but i aint crazy enough
i invest on a book that would show me the love

if life's a bitch ..
im like nike just do it
go hard and get sumtin
adidas, impossible is nuttin
im in the rite mind in this place of minee, place of mine
im in the rite time, caus the world is your and the world is mine

i rewrote my plan to succeed
format the hard drive & throw little pieces of weed
surround by my peeps, my cypher's complete
wit nike on my feets and my city, my siege
cheese, cheddar, they flash the cash for the cam
read, better, deep down men i know it's a scam
im not in for the fame, wasnt born to be a star
and drive a fancy car for the economy of war
rhum, coke, juice and vodka
mean mugs and smiles, they all part of the mixes
DJ on the 1,2, mic chek 1,2
and anything is possible if you really want to
not wut you wont do of course, it's easier
but life is hard, you might need viagra
right after & quitin' is not an option
vision full of a dream high definition

Whirlwind Thru Cities

Written By: Mus Vic

my mind is fill wit a million stories
scenarios worst than tv and wutchu can see on maury
no womens, no cry, no stress, no worry
conversate wit mary, only cause she wanna got married.
the glorious road to zion, seekin for peace at large
toughts are way too dark and streets way too hard
no luv, no heart, shot guards, get charge
shot guns and fired, they wanna move out far
composeee wit dealers and killers
gone forever, rest in peace amongst a million hustlers
dangerous cycle amount this damn world is a danger
black hole n dungeon, light the dutch to get higher
learning, education, school of hard knock
runnin away from the cops in a convertible roof top
2 spots, too late to make the pit stop
mind state, move rocks wit the risk to get shot
dont wanna come up short, its one chance and one shot
cant stop wont stop, we need to leave the block
out of luck, severe conditions
mission, action, money is report missin

my mind is crazy, fill with toughts
why we die to get old when kids are still gettin shot
different place, same shit on the opposit side
kid seekin to die dont find a purpose to life
like searchin for light runnin away from the lie
shotgun on the ride seekin this glass to drive by
or maybe bein zen on these drugs
weed, pills and powder but its never enough
life as a shorty shouldnt be so rough
gotta be tough, take risk just to raise their bluff
dont take life for granted, its the best of both world
in a less and a broke world, cycle and swirled
strong heads would move on, others restin in peace
lost souls to pay hommage, ready to leave ..
ready to go … my bags are packed
but i would need more space to bring sumtin back..

Lost In Tought

Written By: Mus Vic

im starin at my glass, let the water soke in
green tea dilated, who's rollin?
i wait til the waters get cold
til my toughts no longer scream fuck the world
ambition, larger than life
higher than mic its the hardest of fights
it's like a harvest watchin everynight
waitin for sum to happen quicker than lighgt
i woke up this morning and everyday dreamin'
to no ambition & searchin keep me going
glowing wit the moon, shyne wit the sun
while the cops are the goons so we stay on the run
ive watched, and seen them
the chaos, the problems, the crual mayhem
some lose their faith, some still believe in god
some lose their face and some still embracin love
mixed wit drugs, they got you so hooked up
out to no hood luck, fish for a good fuck
good enough, type like a ghoosebumps
tight like a azn pussy fuckin virgin
spurrin' thats wut we do of the moment
caus we stressin', so we dont bother, no comment
its common, we pretend everything is all good
like it aint a damn thing but issues are too huge
wars and poverty, fear the ennemy
absurdity & fight over power and money
to fuck around wit the honeys and playboy bunnies
to flash the cash in the club for a couple of forties
act phoney like the money we own
in a jail cell we phone, there's nuttin like home
barely we grown, emotions be shown
where the fuck i be long? dont want the top to be loan
say wut up wut up to the good guy
huge smile, departin just like good bye
how high, i cant tell for the height
but we better be fly, no matter the hype
go hard or go home, studies to be worth
hustle to make cash, tussle to get hurt
up and say word, fuck to give birth
luck its shit bird and drugs they got clerks
its the same ol sayin'
product of our environnement, environnement violent
global warning & dead presidents
predictable, spoil kids wit bad predicament
temper loose, flairin to disturb a peace
but you dont fight worries by injectin fears
trufully sincere, sinner of this real life
material type, left minded but pay right ..
im underachiever
your girl under a sheet thats how i wanna see her
back to the regular program
she kiss you and act like nuttin happen..


Mus Vic - First Impression (2011)
Mus Vic - The Summer All Feared (2011)

Whirlwind Thru Cities (remix) played on NY stand up comedian Alexis Guerreros podcast.

Set List

A microphone & a turntable.