Mutagenic has been humorously described as Lenny Kravitz times two plus Larry Bird. Their “Rhythm Rock” sound combines Rock, Funk, Pop and Soul with powerful, foot-stompin' grooves and carefully crafted melodies. Their sexy, masculine appeal and ferocious live shows affect audiences in a visceral way.


Gerald Lucas and Amiri Settles founded MUTAGENIC in May of 2001 in Jersey City, New Jersey. Drummer, Shawn Beavers joined the band in February of 2002. MUTAGENIC’s powerful, original music is grounded in rhythm and groove-oriented rock. Lucas and Settles alternate between guitar and bass both live and in the studio to capture the strengths of each musician's distinctive playing style.

MUTAGENIC recently completed their self-recorded and produced EP and are currently gigging primarily in their base New Jersey and New York City area.

Band Profiles

Gerald Lucas began playing guitar and bass after years of training, professional experience and several marquee’ Kennedy Center performances as a classical violinist.

Amiri Settles, a New Jersey native, is a colorful lead guitar and bass player who spent his early playing days honing his chops throughout Atlanta, Georgia’s jam scene, before returning to New Jersey in the late 1990’s.

Drummer Shawn Beavers, a Mississippi native, played extensively with heavy rock and funk bands in the South before moving to New Jersey and joining MUTAGENIC in 2002.


Mutagenic (Self Titled EP)

Set List

Big Bang
You Want It
The Way You Look at Me
Doddy’s Little Gurl
The Answer is Yes

Tet Offensive
Hammurabi’s Code


Approaching Winter

End Game