Egilsstaðir, East, ISL
BandEDMNew Age

Very smooth and relaxing, chilled down with upbeat drops, somewhere between your sofa and the dancefloor.


My name is Bjarni Rafn Kjartansson. I am a 24 year old from a small town in the eastest region of Iceland called Egilsstaðir. I have no musical background but after being DJ-ing for 3 years I decided to start making my own tunes in January 2009. From the beginning I have used Propellerhead Reason and around using it as a sequencer I have evolved a lot. I recently bought a Zoom H4N which I take with me everywhere I go so my tunes are mostly records of sounds made by myself combined with samples I have sampled myself from movies and old vinyl I like.

At first I was making drum’n’bass tunes and got some releases within that scene, digital, 12” and CD releases but in 2010 I decided to try write completely from the heart, not being tied down within some limits. I have been experimenting with that since mid 2010 and now I’ve found the sound I like.

I have played most of the festivals here in Iceland and I also lived in Reykjavík for a year where I helped out with the radio show.

I play live sets mostly, using my Akai APC 40 with Ableton Live, but I can also play DJ sets.

Here is a list of my previous gigs:

Road Rage Festival - Egilsstaðir, Iceland (June 2009) night - Reykjavík, Iceland (July 2009)
Réttir festival - Reykjavík, Iceland (September 2009)
Iceland Airwaves - Reykjavík, Iceland (October 2009)
700IS - Eiðar, Iceland (March 2010) night - Reykjavík, Iceland (May 2010) night - Reykjavík, Iceland (May 2010)
Weirdcore night - Reykjavík, Iceland (June 2010)
LungA festival - Seyðisfjörður, Iceland (July 2010)
Iceland Airwaves - Reykjavík, Iceland (October 2010)
LungA festival - Seyðisfjörður, Iceland (July 2011)
Samaris release party - Reykjavík, Iceland (August 2011)
Iceland Airwaves - Reykjavík, Iceland (October 2011)
..and a lot of small gigs all over Iceland.
+ various podcasts and mixes for radio stations.



“The Beach” (Digital) – Influenza Media (INMED011) 2009
“Mixed Signals” (Digital) – Hidden Hawaii (HHD004) 2009
“Dungeon” & “Electric Things” (Digital) – Amen Brothers (AMENDIGI008) 2009
“Something In Mind” & “Terror” (Digital) – Qilin Music (QLN004) 2010
“Passing By” (12”) – Alphacut (ACR017) 2010
“Litestar” (12”/CD/Digital) – MJAZZ (MJAZZLP003) 2010
“Misguided” (Digital) – All Street (ASTDSUB002) 2010
“Aquisse (Muted Remix) (Digital) - MJAZZ (MJAZZDIGI001) 2010
“Classified” (CD) – MJAZZ (MJAZZLP004) 2010
“Empty Valley EP (3 tunes)” (Digital) – Hidden Hawaii (HHD007) 2011
"Born Backwards ft. Grimm" (Digital) - Digi-Lab 2011
“Samaris - Hljóma Þú (Muted Remix)" (CD) - Self-released 2011
"Stratocumulus" (Digital) - MJAZZ 2012
"Asonat - Dandelions (For You) (Muted Remix)" (Digital) - n5MD 2012
“Cope With It” (CD) – MJAZZ 2012

"Muted World LP" - Nu Directions - Jan/feb 2013
"Space EP pt.1" - TBA - 2013