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Reset EP (2004)
Mute Math (2006)

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Mute Math started in 2001 as a long distance collaboration between Paul Meany in New Orleans, LA and Darren King in Springfield, MO. Early on Paul intermittently received instrumental demo CD's from Darren King. Fairly impressed with his efforts, Paul contacted Darren and asked if he could mess with the demos a bit, adding some song ideas of his own. Darren obliged and the two would set in motion a sort of songwriting ping-pong match that would carry on for several months. A few rounds of this led to talks of a possible project, which soon grew to become Mute Math.

With the recruiting of guitarist Greg Hill and bass player Roy Mitchell- Cardenas, Mute Math worked feverishly in their New Orleans home studio to demo a whole new collection of songs. Creatively ambitious, they dove head first into exploring a new definition for themselves on how a rock band should sound and perform. Finding inspiration in everything that's considered the opposite of rock music, they were determined to find a unique template in which to place their songs. The result was a captivating soundscape of experimental rock drenched in irresistable hooks. Paul immediately played the demo for longtime friend and producer Tedd T, who fell in love at first listen. They talked of creating a model indie label, Teleprompt, where Mute Math could freely operate and begin building a musical momentum.

Mute Math released its debut EP Reset on Teleprompt in September of 2004. The band began an internet blitzing to music fan site’ s My Space and Pure Volume, videoblogging their live video for the single “Chaos”. Within months, Mute Math developed enough of a base to venture out and hit America. The word of mouth continued to spread and the band were soon seeing their shows sellout in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, Houston, Dallas, Phoenix and doing great numbers in others too. They chronicled their shows and updated their video blogs on a nightly basis. The band honed their chops from nightly improvising and in turn won over fans left and right. All this led to their 23k fans they now boast on MY Space and the 30K they’ve sold of Reset.

This January, The band will tour in support of their self-titled debut album. This tour will be a special jaunt of sorts, as it is not only a chance to test the new tunes out in a new light and reach new fans, but also to give a little something back to the fans that have helped get Mute Math to where they are today. The album will only be available as a "tour only" release until it's national release in Fall 2006. Judging by the bands strong grass roots following it’s necessary to appeal to the fans first.

The Mute Math dynamic can be viewed in parts. At its core, an inspired electro-alt rock band with a soaring sound that incorporates emotive vocals, hip hop styled beats, dubby soundscapes fueled by sample-like guitars and Rhodes piano flourishes, keytars, a homemade instrument (a Theremin- inspired guitar) and other random gadgets. The other is a finely tuned live act, with an highly infectious and equally energetic show, that’s accented by the occasional acrobatics, experimental jams, knobtwiddling and bouts of instrumental switcheroo that emboldens the player's chops. That’s good, because music fans are always looking for something new to excite and intrigue them, and that is executed well. Judging by the reactions of the live show on My Space and this new set of songs about to hit, Mute Math definitely deserves a look- they nail it on record, and they kill it live. These are the elements that help Mute Math click with the fans of old and new, on a daily basis