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"Alternative Press Review 1 excerpt"

"MuthaWit has a drawling, hallucinatory quality that recalls early Funkadelic's loosest, most frighteningly aware moments." - Alternative Press

"Atlanta Journal/Constitution excerpt"

"MuthaWit's music is a place that more readily suggests the dense, expressionist swirls of painting, the mixed media density of performance art and the powerful instrumentation of Sun Ra or the Miles Davis of "On the Corner." As music, this vast cycle of trips begs to be seen, and demands the same type of active participation as would a postmodern opera by Robert Wilson.

But dig, and there it is: autobiography, ancestor worship, social criticism, quests mythic, mystic, Afro and Delta-centric. In many ways, kind of a "Finnegan's Wake" of rock and funk" - Atlanta Journal/Constitution

"Creative Loafing excerpt"

"Like coming home on the dustiest weekend of the year, Boston Fielder served up a healthy dollop of his MS Delta Black Magic to CMJ Music Marathon audiences." - Creative Loafing, Atlanta

"Magnet Magazine excerpt"

"MuthaWit featuring Boston Fielder is simultaneously urban and tribal; a meeting of the musical hemispheres, mutatis mutandis and presto! - a carnival of twisted soul." - Magnet Magazine

"Alternative Press Review 2 excerpt"

"MuthaWit mixes elements of different musics together, formulating weird hybrid grooves(funk and metal simultaneously, not "funk-metal"), overlaying passionate melodies against disjointed rock jamming(imagine if contemporary soul singers had substance and ended up jamming with Primus, Painkiller and Pharoah Sanders at the same time). Lyrically it's a journey between a spiritual plane and an unforgiving reality." - Alternative Press

"Keyboard Magazine excerpt"

"Clearly MuthaWit featuring Boston Fielder has the chops to do more conservative work; it is their flirtation with chaos that stands them out from the crowd, and hints at even more provocative work in years to come." - Keyboard Magazine

"The Wire excerpt"

"Boston Fielder and MuthaWit are Gods in the universe they have created and these songs, which you must hear, are their Adam and Eve, cloned to a fallen and disrupted infinity." - The Wire

"TimeOut New York"

"If the URB ALT Festival is New York's annual musical purveyor of all things atmospheric, hip and cutting-edge it's because the house band and avant-soul orchestra MuthaWit draws on a huge pool of players to create an expansive, psychedelic sound." - TimeOut New York


1 - I was Razed Round Black Folk, too(but they didnot no it)
2 - Sublodemofi
3 - Southern Fried Recipe
4 - Gracious Escape Clauses
5 - Negroid Technoid
6 - Harriet Tubman's Tits
7 - AES
8 - MuthaWit Live @ Rose Live - upcoming
9 - PMS Junkie - upcoming
10 - Lil Orphan Anime - upcoming



There's a difference between being immersed in music and getting lost in it. If the former is protective and predictable, the latter revels in chance and the unexpected. MuthaWit? Definitely the latter.

MuthaWit is a furiously evolving multi-cultural outfit whose musical performances marry a soulful rock dynamic with free jazz experimentation, classical sensitivity and avant-garde electronics/visuals. Established in 1989 by award-winning nomadic composer, designer, filmmaker and URB ALT founder Boston Fielder, members of MuthaWit's 6-24 piece orchestra have worked with Parliament/Funkadelic, Sting, TV On The Radio, Curtis Mayfield, The Family Stand, Olu Dara, Herbie Hancock, Jay Z and Organized Noize among others. MuthaWit has been instrumental in the production of the increasingly popular URB ALT Festival held annually in NYC, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Focused as the "house band" for national solo artists on the bill as well as a stand-alone musical outfit, MuthaWit has embedded its sonic imprint in URB ALT's eclectic music/film events for the 3 years of festival's existence as well as the 9 years of the ongoing URB ALT showcase.

Rejoicing in the intensity of their eclectic musical testimony, MuthaWit lures the listener through an artistic experience that is wildly entertaining and sonically provocative.