Muthoni the Drummer Queen

Muthoni the Drummer Queen

 Nairobi, Nairobi Area, KEN


Her story:In her previous lives, the girl currently known as Muthoni the Drummer Queen was among other things the head of Shaka Zulus harem, a cunning street urchin who converted into a renowned mystic healer in current day Armenia, a polar bear, a Chinese dumpling maker, a fierce general under Napoleon. Her adventures run concurrently with 300 wars, the invention of the envelope and the discovery of whisky. In this life, she is a living, breathing drummer, singer, rapper of the hero variety.

Her Sound: Her sound is an edgy mix of loud African drums & rhythmic patterns with Hip-hop/rap Electronic/Dance RnB, Afro rock & Floetry, afro-rock and experimental creating an intoxicating fusion of sounds that you should adopt as the soundtrack for your next life. Think an African version of Missy Elliott +M.I.A.At her linguistic disposal muthoni the drummer queen sings, raps, & flows using English, Kiswahili and Kikuyu,.

Her live set: Her set is performed half live/half electronic.

She is inspired by love, relationships, politics, and new spirituality. Her sound is a conscious call to live, dream and hope in curiosity, courage and strength.Muthoni the Drummer Queen's work is an experimental, entertaining and stirring display of artistry is nothing short of intergalactic.


1. Mambo Bado
2. Cool waters
3. Ni Wega
4. Cool waters remix

1. 5Ever! (Birth)
2. Happy Break Up
3. Mahabuba (Hope)
4. Round Off Saidia (Brokeness)
5. Saida
6. Mikono Kwenye Hewa (Ditractions and Hidden Agendas)
7. Silence Purpose
8. Purpose
9. Where Do Dreams Go?
10. What Is That About?!
11. Life

EP 2011:
1. Welcome to the Disco
2. Welcome to the Disco remix Bronstibok
3. Keep it tight
4. Keep it tight remix Floris Jonker