Mutiny Of The Fashionistas

Mutiny Of The Fashionistas


We're a band with many influences and our music shows our range. Most of our music is hard rock, with some songs showing our metal influences. We do however, also have a more melodic, softer side which also makes appearances.


Mutiny of the Fashionistas is a three piece band from Darien, CT who have been working, rehearsing, writing, and performing for the last three years together. In the beginning of their career they performed at several teen centers around their area with a handful of songs, which after the first year developed into enough for their first album. As far as songwriting goes, they take a lot of influences from ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Smashing Pumpkins, and Sunny Day Real Estate with the occasional lapse into a harder, metal riff here and there. Since then they've recorded and finished their first album in the summer of 2007 entitled "Shotgun Overture" showing influences of very stripped down straight-forward rock to others that have more of a theatrical, grandiose appeal to them.
In the fall of 2007 Mutiny of the Fashionistas started recording tracks for a follow up CD to hopefully have finished by the spring of 2008. What they want most out of all this work and dedication is the chance to play as many shows to as many people as possible, so they can match the amount time in the studio as to out. For a great cross section of the album "Shotgun Overture", take a listen to tracks 1,2,4,and 7.


Full Length Album, "Shotgun Overture"
Currently in the process of recording another album which has yet to be named.

Set List

Our set's usually range from forty five minutes to an hour and include:
Beam Me Up Jimmy
Proud American
White Elephant
Here Comes Elaine
Dance Song
Try This On For Size
Oh! What A Blaze
Be A Hero Kill A Rock Star.
Trainwreck Indie