I'm a singer/songwriter who doesn't fill a specific genre. I sometimes use a backup band when I perform live.


As Muttonhead I've been creating original songs since I was twelve years old. At that age, my first experience with recording was an old computer with a terrible microphone hooked into the mic-input. The recordings were terrible, and you could hear my fingers tapping against the keys of the keyboard loader than the actual music. Since then, I've self-released four full-length albums, and had my fifth replicated by Disc Makers. I've dappled in all types of music from acoustic to metal, folk to techno, and rock to alternative. I think that my genre-jumping makes it hard to obtain a fan base, but I feel that being able to mix genres makes me very unique as an artist.


Delicate (2005)
There will be only regret...(2006)
Let's Start a Revolution (2007)
I'm Going to Run: Sullen Songs and Misplaced Melodies (2008)
And Autumn Left Me Drifting(2009)

You can find my tracks streaming on

Set List

If I'm given a long enough set, I would play everything off of my most recent release, And Autumn Left Me Drifting, which is roughly 54 minutes, as well as a few cover songs.

I've played coffee house gigs, where my set time was two hours and have enough material to fill those requirements, but would need to know in advance to prepare.

I'm very flexible with set times and I rearrange my set list depending on the amount of time. Typically, in a half-hour set I would play the following songs:

Only You
Blue Room
Stuck On the Past
Chewing Revenge
So Selfless, So Perfect
Don't Wake Me Dear
The Age of Understanding
Counterfeit Love