Mutual Execution

Mutual Execution


Thrash Metal at its finest from Ontario Canada. We live for what we do so Thrash with us, Party with us and Book us!

Played with such bands as Agnostic Front, Blackguard, Warbringer, Skeletonwitch, Dayglo Abortions and many more! Check us out in a town near you.


Mutual Execution is a three piece based out of London, ON. We have been thrashing since 2010, crushing peoples minds and gaining a lot of respect in the southern Ontario metal scene. We currently are in the studio and have just finished a 5 track ep at Ice House studios in Goderich, ON.
Mutual Execution has had played with such bands as Blackguard, Landmine Marathon, Withered, Battlesoul, Agnostic Front and more, slowly working there way up the metal charts and hopefully playing bigger and better shows each year. Prepare to hear us thrash out in 2013 becoming heavier and fast then ever before.