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Cameos - Music from "Explorations of the Multiconscious Mind" has been featured on an episode of the long-running PBS series "The Visionaries"


Blueberry Tart

Written By: Tracy Peters

lust decoys and perpetual ploys
scar blueberry parts
deceitful boys with pricey toys
love blueberry tarts

plyaing coy, destroying joy
lying from the start
aim to maim, it's all the same
whip or cruel remark

oh (oh oh)
never be hurt again
oh (oh oh)
no honor you defend

(don't I kiss you good)

yanking chains and playing games
stabbing blueberry hearts
naming names and placing blame
shooting blueberry darts

you enjoy deceptive ploys
leave me in the dark
inflict pain for selfish gain
now you've left your mark

oh (oh oh)
never be fooled again
oh (oh oh)
this will be the end

no one listens
no one cares
should kick your ass
but no one dares

no one dares


1998 - Explorations of the Multiconscious Mind
Full-length CD. Dark ambient, classically-influenced instrumental soundscapes.

2001 - DelEcTROnIcT 2
Track - "Chaos". Kraftwerk meets Skinny Puppy, Motown-style.

2004 - DelEcTROnIcT 3
Track - "Blueberry Tart". Moody hip-hop laced, electronica-based pop.
(Winner 2004 Detroit Music Awards - "Outstanding Electronic/Dance Recording")