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Mutual Kumquat's music is so alive - music of the earth & for her people. It's rare to find a band that's able to weave themes of social justice into music with so much talent and energy. Music that speaks truth to power and gives power to the people. Revolution-funk music for the masses!

We organize events of all sizes, from dozens to thousands, and Mutual Kumquat can play them all. Their music and performance is both intimate and energetic. It stirs the crowd... and the soul.

Joel Eckel, Executive Director of Michigan Peaceworks ( - Michigan Peaceworks

The seven amiable blokes (plus one affable blokette) of Mutual Kumquat spent four long days recording Dream On It, their debut album. Monastic Chambers studio guru Jon Gillespie spent the next few days mixing the tracks and, huzzah!, an incredibly energetic premier record springs forth where 78 hours before there was nothing.

This same frenzied, youthful pace characterizes their music. Stylistically they draw upon an exhausting number of influences, but what holds the album together is a general African vibe (think Paul Simon’s Graceland). While at times it’s just the lyrical rhythm or unusual (to American ears) vocal harmonies, this dark-continental flavor pervades most of the songs.

Dream On It is actually a number of different albums squashed into one, a big “naughty no-no” in the current musical world, where everything must be categorized in order to be properly marketing to the correct niche group. Well, the niche group for Mutual Kumquat are those who find nothing wrong with starting an album with an instrumental composed of various ethnic percussion instruments before jumping into an a cappella intro of thick African vocal harmonies. “Keepinyaluv” is a good mixture of pop and world, as is the Jamaican “Lime Juice” that incorporates sax and a charge of jazz fusion halfway through, ending the song in a manic pace. Five more of the 21 songs also dig deeply into African soil, notably the soulful “Talking To You,” the Jamaican piano-led rap of “The Break of Dawn” and the jumbling war protest song “Baghdad Morning.”

The other half of the album reveals many influences. There’s the freewheeling jam band (“Higher Ground,” “Summer Dreaming,” “Hyper People”, and “My Love for You”), 60s folk/James Taylor (“Simple Things”), radio-friendly pop ballads (“Sweet Love,” “Barefoot & Unfed” and “Elephant Shoes”), Ben Folds Five (“Riding” and “Goodnight Meg”) and unadorned piano ballad (“Untitled”). It’s a lot of ground to cover and they do it all surprisingly well!

At well over 70 minutes Dream On It flies by, thanks to Mutual Kumquat’s infectious fun-loving spirit that permeates each track. You can hear the thickly bearded (except the aforementioned blokette) musical companions having a blast recording their songs, making it easy for the listener to likewise get caught up in the party.

- Whatzup


"Mutual Kumquat," 2008.

"Dream On It," 2004.

"Feel the Vibe," 2002.



Mutual Kumquat, an eclectic band of musicians formed in the Summer of 2000 has brought it's 'good times revolution music' to audiences across the United States, engaging audiences with positive and progressive lyrics, strong rhythms, rich harmonies and its unique blend of upbeat music influenced by bluegrass, funk, reggae, jazz, folk, and afrobeat. Equally comfortable as an intimate acoustic trio or a 5-7 member party band, Mutual Kumquat’s music defies easy description.

The group's brand-new self-titled release features longtime Mutual Kumquat members co-founder/bassist Chris Good, vocalist Drue Gray, guitarist/vocalist Seth Hendricks and drummer Justin Peterson. New additions keyboardist Jesse Morgan and mandolin virtuoso Jacob Jolliff are also featured heavily on the new album.

Inspired by visions of radical, loving, creative communities living in MUTUAL relationship and the sweet yet tart, tiny but power-packed-with-flavor wonder fruit that is a KUMQUAT, the group was born. A wild journey has followed taking the group from 3 members up to 14, back again to 3 and now settling on its current lineup of 5. Members have regrouped and recommitted themselvers after travelling the world and pursuing various interests for several years. 2008 promises to be a pivotal and breakthrough year for the group with a new album and as they head into their most ambitious tour ever in the spring and summer of 2008. Audiences beware, the 'good times revolution' is about to explode!!