Although, Muzaic's focus is funk and rock, they incorporate many styles into their mottled mix. Reggae & other world rhythms are always in full force, with a healthy balance of composition & improvisation. With 4 vocalists & 5 songwriters, Muzaic is ready to rule supreme.


The 5-piece funk-rock-reggae collective, Muzaic, hails from Bloomington, IN, home of Indiana University and a rich music scene. Muzaic has been together since April 2004, but the members have been molding their collective sound in different forms for many years, going all the way back to Ed and Mike jamming in the dorms, and Brett and Henry playing together in High School. The four started out playing at house parties, but quickly ran out of floor space to accommodate all the fans and made the move into the local music scene in full force, often drawing larger crowds than the acts they were opening for. Allan Hall, added in March of 2005, completes the Muzaic sound with incredible keyboard wizardry. Muzaic won the Jambands 250 poll, voted "the most improved artist of the year." Muzaic continues to evolve, and has been working in the studio on the follow-up to their self-produced debut, "Hundred Acre Parlor." The band has played some high profile shows across the Midwest including F.U.N.K. Festival in Bill Monroe's Bean Blossom and has raised funds for many charitable causes through their music. The members all have diverse musical influences, but also share some solid ones in Umphrey's McGee, Talking Heads, Bob Marley, Parliament, John McLaughlin, Miles Davis, Weather Report, Cake, Jamiroquai, and James Brown. Most importantly, Muzaic's passion for what they do is unmatched and their enjoyment is contagious. Their live shows are the most fun you'll ever have.



Written By: Brett Holcomb

Low blow, sift through stacks, push packs for Pedro
No dough, thumb through charts, throw darts for pesos
I know, Pay your dues, get foosed, fiasco
No control, Unless you get me out!

Chorus: (in round)
If you get me out
If you get me out
I’ll show you what it’s all about

Can’t dance, Lack of style profiles my sweatpants
No chance, Check the clubs and pubs for freelance
Firm stance, Keep my stock unlocked for tyrants
Same chant, unless you get me out!

Bridge: (in round)
Get out! Get out!
Somebody got a funky butt,
Open up the window.

Verse 1
Chorus 2x


Written By: Brett Holcomb

Listen closely, keep your mind straight, keep your distance
Be an artist, run for office, stay in focus
Keep your pipe clean, beats your Visine, buy a Jaguar
Put on Blinders, go unprotected, drive a Lexus

In this presence, you’ll feel relentless, just stay in crisis
Put a smile on, take your face off, wearing camo’
Yeah you know me, Yeah I know you, a real catastrophe
Things seem set in stone, still you want to phone, a whack Philosophy

Get distinguished, look professional, act appropriate
Things were so simple, learned evolution, see color spectrums
Hit your high beams, if you find me, you weren’t looking
What a strange night, show is over, time to wake up


Hundred Acre Parlor (Spodiodi Records) Released April '06

Set List

Muzaic has enough original music for many, many full sets. Throw in some very original cover choices, and they can play all day and night. Covers include Marley, Talking Heads, Dylan, 10CC, Allman Brothers, Spacehog, Cake, the Meters, Elvis Costello, Bill Withers, the Beastie Boys, the Beatles, and Beck. You are likely to hear an extended improvisational jam or two, but the bands likes to keep everything tight, without the mindless noodling of obvious contemporaries.