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"Illinois Entertainer Album Review"

Muzaic come across as a jam-loving band on their debut, Hundred Acre Parlor. Having 10 musicians, seven of which sing, enables them to shift from the Deadhead boogie of “Reflections On Main St.” to the tropical breeze of “Bando Moon.” The funky “OUT!” and “Where We Goin’” should pack the dancefloor, while “Just Groove On It” sums up the Muzaic philosophy: “What’s the sense in not being jolly?” (
– Terrence Flamm (Illinois Entertainer) - Illinois Entertainer (Terrence Flamm)

"11.08.07 Hundred Acre Parlor Reviews in IDS Weekend"

11.08.07 Indiana Daily Student

Artist: Muzaic
Album: Hundred Acre Parlor
Label: Spodiodi Records

A Mozaic of Sorts
Muzaic is Bloomington’s premier jam band, just as Umphrey’s McGee was South Bend’s not so long ago. Umphrey’s is now playing festivals and large venues all around and is returning to play at the IU Auditorium on Friday, Oct. 9. So with all this in mind, will Muzaic be Indiana’s next big jam band? Well, on its debut Hundred Acre Parlor, it surely shows the potential.
Muzaic is a five-piece funk-rock-reggae collective that came together in its current lineup in April 2004, according to the band’s MySpace page. But just as its name Muzaic suggests, it also blends a great deal of art/progressive rock into its sound. Instead of being your usual jam band influenced by the Grateful Dead or the Allman Brothers Band, Muzaic sounds much more like Frank Zappa and jazz musicians such as Herbie Hancock and John McLaughlin. Its blend of funky bass, progressive guitar rock and complex yet danceable rhythms make the band similar to Umphrey’s McGee yet unique in its own right. While much of the time jam bands fail in the studio and excel in the live setting, Muzaic does a good job of working enough with the studio and making Hundred Acre Parlor erperimental enough to pull off a strong debut.
With 16 songs and 66 minutes of music, Hundread Acre Parlor is full of great moments. With “OUT,” Muzaic opens the album with simple a funky bass line to prepare you for a good time. “Reflections On Main St.” is sonicalle advanced and nicely blends jass, reggae and art rock. “Musical Biosphere” sound exactly like it’s named, submerging the listener in a world of music in just five minutes. “Start” is strictly instrumental and feels like an exciting race to the finish with its sped-up tempo.
On the other hand, tracks such as “Sexual Couch” and “Please A Tease” fall into jam-band mediocrity.
But while not every moment of it is great, Hundred Acre Parlor serves up more than enough good to compensate for the bad. With the musicianship of a jazz ensemble and the energy of a rock band, Muzaic could be that next big thing out of Indiana.

By Wes Jakacki
GRADE: B - Indiana Daily Student

"Warning Magazine Premier Issue"

Warning Magazine - Fall 06 Premier Issue

EARLY WARNING: We are dedicated to bringing you the newest most talented up and comers that the town has to offer. Par attention: the people on these pages are the ones to watch, consider yourself warned...

Muziac (sic)
by Chelsea York

Muzaic is quickly becoming a household name in the local music scene. In the beginning, the five-member group started lke many other local bands, playing to small crowds in basement house parties. But with the release of their first album, Hundred Acre Parlor, this past April, the band has found its way into larger venues throughout Indiana and Kentucky.

While they have most often been called a funk band, their music includes other styles such as reggae and rock. "We've made an original sound, blending genre's (sic) and pulling from our diversity of musical backgrounds to make unexpected grooves that you can shake your ass to," said keyboardist Allen (sic) Hall.

Muzaic made its start years ago when Ed Lewis, the drummer, and Mike Vinopal, who plays guitar and provides vocals, began playing together in high school. After coming to college, the group grew to include guitarist/vocalist Brett Holcomb and bassist/vocalist Henry Muehlhausen. Soon the band was playing packed house parties and drawing a fan base that often exceeded the limits of their small venues.

In 2005, Hall joined the band on keyboards and since then the fan base has only become larger. This expansion has contributed to the diversity of sounds that Muziac (sic) generates. Hall explains; "Having four songwriters gives us a unique blend of musical consciousness."

With the release of Hundred Acre Parlor the group as (sic) become the headlining act with other local bands opening their shows. And what a show it is. The energy from the band's stage presence mixed with that of their fans is overwhelming. There's a vibe between the players and those who repeatedly come to see them play that tells anyone watching that this band has made a name for themselves.

And the name? That's part and parcel of why this band is quickly becoming a local favorite. A blend of the words 'music' and 'mosiac,' the sound they produce comes from a wide assortment of the band's mutual inspirations. From Miles Davis, to Cake, to Bob Marley, their musical tastes are as diverse as the group itself.

Words can only go so far in describing the sound and energy offered by Muzaic. To truly appreciate the dedication and the talent of the band, one must see and hear them live. A 21+ show is scheduled for September 29th at Uncle Fester's on Kirkwood. It is certain to be a truly unforgettable musical experience. You can also listen to their tunes and learn more about the band on (sic)

- Warning Magazine

"Glide Magazine Album Review"

Hailing from the cornfields of Bloomington, IN, Muzaic spent their younger days playing together through high school and eventually into the dorms of Indiana University. There, feeding off of a vibrant music scene, they formed a sound heavily influenced by the Talking Heads, Cake, a little Miles Davis, and even a bit of James Brown. Those nods are easy to pick out, but each of the fifteen tracks on their debut record, Hundred Acre Parlor, speaks of originality with a remarkably different tone than the previous selection. From funk to jazz fusion to alt-rock, this typical first album smorgasbord makes you give up trying to guess what the next tune will sound like. It's a solid debut from beginning to end. - Glide Magazine (Dan Bliss)

"Muzaic featured on Live 5"

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Hundred Acre Parlor (Spodiodi Records) Released April '06



The 5-piece funk-rock-reggae collective, Muzaic, hails from Bloomington, IN, home of Indiana University and a rich music scene. Muzaic has been together since April 2004, but the members have been molding their collective sound in different forms for many years, going all the way back to Ed and Mike jamming in the dorms, and Brett and Henry playing together in High School. The four started out playing at house parties, but quickly ran out of floor space to accommodate all the fans and made the move into the local music scene in full force, often drawing larger crowds than the acts they were opening for. Allan Hall, added in March of 2005, completes the Muzaic sound with incredible keyboard wizardry. Muzaic won the Jambands 250 poll, voted "the most improved artist of the year." Muzaic continues to evolve, and has been working in the studio on the follow-up to their self-produced debut, "Hundred Acre Parlor." The band has played some high profile shows across the Midwest including F.U.N.K. Festival in Bill Monroe's Bean Blossom and has raised funds for many charitable causes through their music. The members all have diverse musical influences, but also share some solid ones in Umphrey's McGee, Talking Heads, Bob Marley, Parliament, John McLaughlin, Miles Davis, Weather Report, Cake, Jamiroquai, and James Brown. Most importantly, Muzaic's passion for what they do is unmatched and their enjoyment is contagious. Their live shows are the most fun you'll ever have.