Muzic Class

Muzic Class

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Muzic Class is a collective of four (4) individuals whose combined talents range from audio production, song writing, graphic design and video direction. Totally self contained, The Class has the ability to create top quality music and visuals, from start to finish.


It was Bob Marley who said, “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” Hence, To Whom It May Concern: I hope you’re ready for a painless TKO as you’re about to get hit by the force of four collectively unmatched artists. Unique, Unwavering and Unprecedented: three words that scratch the surface of the distinctively novel sound that is, The Muzic Class!

Muzic Class consists of four members which include two lyricists and writers Marvin (Marv) Mack, Jamal (J-heated) Henry, and two songwriter-producers Allen (Gibbs) Harrison and Morris (Starks) Nyanway. Based out of the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Muzic Class brings back classic lyrical word play, like that of Outkast, youthful vigor rendered by Kid and Play, and production that compliments and competes with the likes of Timbaland and the Neptune’s.


"Higher Learning: The Pre-Tape" (2011)

1. High Five ft. Juice
2. Can I Touch ft. Gillie Da Kid
3. Home Made Pink Lemonade
4. Back To The Future ft. Poindexter
5. Sleep of Reason (Freestyle) ft. Rob Sanchez
6. Eskimo Music
7. Put Me In The Fire
8. Seen It All