An eclectic high-energy trio (guitar, bass, drums, & vocals), MUZO has a fresh sound with lush harmonies, soaring melodies, & intricate rhythms. MUZO is a totally unique experience that can only be described through performance.


MUZO is an eclectic, high-energy, power trio. Comprised of guitar, electric bass, and drums. MUZO has created a fresh sound with lush harmonies, soaring melodies, and intricate rhythms. Characterized by unique improvisations and influences that range from jazz to rock to new music, MUZO is a totally unique experience that can only truely be described through its performance.

Since September 2004, MUZO has been dazzling audiences in Toronto and in college towns throughout Ontario and Quebec. They have developed a truely devoted fanbase in Toronto, London, Montreal, Ottawa, and more. Playing at bars, fraternity parties, clubs, and more, MUZO has something to offer to everyone. Every MUZO show is special and unique, as the band makes a consistent effort to change up the set, feel, and mood of each performance.

MUZO is:

Mike Wise - Guitarist:
Mike has been playing the guitar since he was 10 years old. His influences vary in time and style, ranging from rock legends like Jimi Hendrix to modern jazz gurus like Bill Frisell. Mike is currently honing his skills as a student at the faculty of music at the University of Toronto. He is busy in a number of groups, including MUZO, and a modern jazz group. On the side, Wise is working with sony-signed, singer/songwriter Dave Thomson.

Mike Kirsh - Bassist:
Mike Kirsh has been around the block as an instrumentalist, performing on the drums, the bass, and the guitar. Kirsh has performed with Wise in various settings since they met in high school. He is one multi-talented fellow who can play the smoothest lines and the deepest grooves. A music lover at heart, Kirsh brings an eclectic style to every performance.

Ben Weigensberg - Drummer:
Ben brings a wealth of experience to MUZO, having played in many successful bands. Formerly a student of the Humber College Music Program, Ben continues to jam, swing, and rock out to this day. Currently he is attending the Harris Institute for music production/engineering and studio design. Ben brings something VERY special to the band with his impeccable time, his mind-blowing rhythms, and his tight chops! Be sure to catch him flying around the drums at the next MUZO show.


Up On The Ledge - 2005

Set List

MUZO plays all original music with the odd reworked cover. With over 40 songs in their repertoire, the band can entertain for hours, playing as many as 3 sets of music. A typical show will consist of 2 sets (45 minutes to 1 hour each) or a single 1.5 hour set. This is flexible of course.