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"Plus One Chicago"

Wrapping up a 2nd place in the debut was a monster of a band called “MWC” A monster by means of size, talent and personality. I could easily stroke this band about their incredible talents for days including one ass cracking trumpet player, a percussionist for the time, dripping guitars that no fool could play and a massive attack on the drums, but I want to take a second to let you know about something this band possesses that makes them the stud collage that they are…CHARACTER. If you don't have it, get it because it will take you a long, long way in life. “MWC”, I'm looking into my crystal ball and I see nothing but good things for a class act as yourselves. Thank you for showing others how to be passionate and care and enjoy your journey. You have set a standard that unfortunately makes a lot of other groups look pretty lame. Keep working, keep living and flex your muscle because you deserve so much of everything you get. (kind of like a Hallmark card without the pastel cardboard) -

"Soundtrack to Roger's Park - Chicago, IL"

BAND FEATURES MWC brings its own brand of funk to Rogers Park


Rogers Park’s MWC is about as diverse as it comes in today’s music scene. Barret Tasky (Keys/Guitar/Vocals), David Castellani (Percussion/Vocals), Inderhjeet Sidhu (Drums/Tablas), Jerry Spiering (Guitar/Vocals) and Jon Goldfine (Bass/Vocals) play in a self-described “Groovadelickhopalatinreggafunkajazz” style.

Playing music that incorporates the eclectic backgrounds of the band members and the diversity of Rogers Park, MWC has a little something for everyone. Some songs include Castellani rapping and singing in Italian, others integrate polyphonic rhythms and prayers from Sidhu’s native India, while Jewish Klezmer influences have been known to make their way into the repertoire.

But more than likely you’ll find a little slice of many influences in each song as MWC glides between electric and acoustic formats and across musical genres.

“Even if we’re playing the same song week in and week out,” Tasky said, “it will sound different every week.”

MWC has become entrenched in the Rogers Park area because of the community’s willingness to accept such a diverse musical group. In fact MWC targeted Rogers Park because it is so “real.”

“It’s kind of been the black sheep of Chicago,” Tasky said. “It’s a gay and lesbian haven and a Bohemian artist neighborhood next to crack dens and Section 8 housing.”

The band formed five years ago, but this group of five musicians has been together for three years after being assembled with the help of and has seen an increasing fan base.

“People who get it, get it,” said Tasky. “And they get it deep.”

The band’s diverse membership and music style gave them the chance to play at the Rogers Park World Music Festival in September 2006.

Those that show up to hear MWC are as varied as the band and the music it plays. Yuppies, Bohemian artists and people who panhandle just down the street head to the Red Line Tap, 7006 N. Glenwood Ave., each Wednesday night to enjoy the band’s free shows.

MWC hopes to release a new studio album within the next year, according to Tasky, and plans to expand its draw and become a regionally-oriented band. But he said that MWC would not end its Rogers Park gig at the Red Line Tap.

Rogers Park has done too much for the band, Tasky said, to leave the Red Line Tap behind.

MWC on the Web: and

"MWC & Garaj Mahal at Martyrs'"

MWC and Garaj Mahal at Martyr’s, Chicago, IL 7/21/06 -
MWC opened the show and I was instantly hooked. They showed that their self proclaimed title of “Groovadelickhopalatinreggafunkajazz” was only the beginning. After their set, I didn’t want them to stop playing, and couldn’t wait to see them again. Be prepared for these guys, you’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the future. They played songs such as Dream King, Nu Grewv, and Watchugunnadoo. Relaxer Elixir was one of my favorite songs they played; it has a jam worthy, funkdified lounge singer quality that made me definitely wonder what my favorite mixer is.

-Melissa Bruck - Home Grown Music


In 2002 MWC released the EP "sipondis" with a slightly different line up.
HEADfirst, the band's first full lenght effort (8 tracks at over 74 minutes of music) released June, 2006. A preview/demo/promo from the album is available by contacting



"What does MWC stand for?"
This is usually the first question. To quote a song of ours:
"Anything and everything, but mostly nothing at all."

Make MWC your own by personallizing what it means to you. (Music With Chords, Milk Wants Cookies, Monkey Wookie Chimpanzee)

In some way, shape or form, MWC has been evolving in and around Chicago since 1996. Their open-minded approach has allowed many influences to be woven into the tapestry that is MWC. The 5 individuals in MWC have diverse backgrounds that have left lasting impressions in their lives, and can be heard within the range of genres that make MWC’s music hard to describe. Some genres include: fusion, funk, rock, jazz, jam, electronic, hip-hop, experimental… well, you get the idea where "GROOVA-DELIC-HOP-A- LATIN-REGGA-FUNKA-JAZZ" came from. Please feel free to tell the band what kind of music you hear embedded in the tunes & your 'MWC' meaning!

Since 2004 MWC has enjoyed the Chicago music scene, playing with some of chicago staple bands, and at venues known throughout the world. Branching out to new listeners along with regional exposure has become our major priority. The full length debut album "HEADfirst" (over 74 minutes!) is now available through the website, and other downloadable sites upon it's release in June of 2006.