My Adversary

My Adversary


Guitar blend of fast, intricate riffs much like Story of the Year, Rise Against, with a classic rock influence. Along with catchy dance like bass lines and tight innovative drums. Added on to the use of lyric hooks and astonishing stage presence that will keep you on the edge of your seat for days!!


MY ADVERSARY is a band of three members. Brian Westfall, Alex Kosub, and James Perez. Brian and James came from other bands in the punk and pop punk genre and all three are trained classical from a young age. We believe we are bringing something new to the table and we hope you can experience the music with us. Come to our shows and you'll have a blast we guarantee it.



Written By: My Adversary

Where have you been all this time?
Maybe youre lost along the way
What started out so promising
Has everything gone away?

It's the good that releases what it is right
Leave all your problems behind
Do what you can to survive
But in the end know you've tried

Don't you give up
Bare through it all
Stand your ground
And brace yourself, for the fall


Written By: My Adversary

Open up your heart
If its not empty
and open up your mind
so that they can see
you have thoughts and aspirations
in what you believe
they stand for something
they stand for you and me

take every breath
youre starving for air
and take every step
we're not quite there
and ignore the temptations
reach out for opportunity
and look for a world with faith
one that craves unity

we may have our back against the wall
but we will bare through it all

Put down your pride
no need to take side
They think we're blind
we're not far from behind
there's too much at risk
for it to end like this
we're not ready to fly
we wont lay down and die


Endless Lies
Decay Away
Peace Will Come

True till Deaf - Coming August

True till Deaf - Coming August

Set List

4.Peace Will Come
5.Decay Away
6.For All the Wrong Reasons
7.True till Deaf
8.The Deceased
9.Endless Lies

We are very good at applying material to fit set time and if we do covers we have a full set of songs we practice quite frequently and apply it to the show and crowd we are playing for