Myak Indicator

Myak Indicator


Epic guitar riffs combined with solid, thundering bass guitar and huge beats provide a distinctly rock undertone upon which powerful vocals are laid.


In the beginning there was Joe and Ian. Both of whom were in other bands and decided that their combined song writing skills would create a unique sound that would later become Myak Indicator’s trademark sound.
A few months down the line Joe and Ian were ready to create a band.
Ian got wind of an established garage DJ who wanted to transfer his skills over to the drum kit. A meeting was arranged between a mutual friend resulting in Brendan becoming the newest addition to Myak Indicator.

Months passed with the band working hard in the rehearsal room during which time they found it difficult to find a reliable bass player who suited their style. At this point Joe remembered an old friend Mark who had just left his band. It was decided that they would ask him to play bass. An arrangement was made for Mark to come and listen some of their tracks.
Mark was immediately blown away by the sound of this budding band and agreed to join as the final member of Myak Indicator. The band was complete.

In early 2007 Myak Indicator began to perform their first gigs around their home town in Preston where they received great feedback and began to form a following. During this time the band, using money earned from gigs, booked themselves into the studio where they recorded 8 tracks. Three of which would later go onto their first EP - First Indication.

Since then the band have gigged relentlessly to establish themselves a decent fan base in their home town. Myak Indicator are beginning to spread their wings and venture out of town for the bright lights of London in a bid to expand their fan base. They have also secured gigs in Manchester and Cardiff.

Myak Indicator hope to become the first established band out of England’s newest city Preston…


First Indicator