My Alibi

My Alibi


My Alibi is a heavy, dark, piano and bass driven, melodic female fronted rock band, from Milwaukee Wisconsin. My Alibi is in itself a message, a reason, a meaning, an alibi. When singer songwritting goes hard rock...


My Alibi began as Jennifer Andrea’s solo act in 2003. Without intention, My Alibi flourishing into a 4 piece hard rock band in June of 2005. In just 3 months, My Alibi pre-showed for Otep, Obituary and Blacklabel Society. Gaining a positive response even with the mixing of music genres. My Alibi soon after opened up The Rave's huge metal fest, Gigantour in Milwaukee, (Headliners Megadeath and Dream Theater). After recieving reviews from that and additonal local support My Alibi has begun playing in IL and went as far as Massachusetts to open the popular east coast metal fest, Locobazooka in August 2006 which was headed by Alice in Chains, Wicked Wisdom, and RA. What sets My Alibi apart from other bands is the unquie sound and band arrangement. Andrea turns classical piano playing into rock maintaining a singer song writter style while the rest of the band bring in an high engery sound influenced by bands like Tool and Breaking Benjamin In the end My Alibi's music is hard rock singer songwritting.


Be No More

Written By: Jen Christesen

(C) 2005 Jen Christesen

The lies have driven truth
To hang
In the skies
Which mourn and cry
When did you want to listen
The time
Has wilted like a flower
Be no more
My sweet angel
Be no more

Suddenly the sun
Covers itself in dust
The sky turns red with rage
Everything starts to rust
A man stands in a field
Wondering what he's done
Feathers fall from the sky
He wonders if he's won

Beautiful flower
Be no more
You leave in my heart
But a thorn

Angel crawl on your knees
As you bare broken wings
To the field which burns alive
Your hunter
Blackened by his lies
Emotional poison
Rains murderously down
It eats you up inside
It rips you inside out

You whisper to me
Faintly your apologizes
But this time you will see
You can't save me
Innocence dies
From the hearts bleeding


Written By: Jen Christesen

(C) 2005 Jen Christesen

It feels so good
To be hanging from my ceiling
With a bed sheet wrapped
Tightly around my neck

Will you forgive me
Tape all our memories
To a book marked
Rest In Peace
Will you forget me
This is not a question
But an answer to my end
I have not a friend

I'm swinging freely
Freer then I could ever be
This is my fantasy
I know that It's not right

Somebody show me love
I am an orphan
So if you don't come right now
To cut me down

They'll be
Yellow tape
Blocking off our walkway
They'll be
Yellow tape
Blocking off our
Conner's street

You look so peaceful swinging
But all I hear around me
Is people mourning
People mourning
And now your visions tainted
All that I can see
Is your face
And how you made it
You decided to hang


Written By: My Alibi

Close my eyes I don't
Feel the same
Trying to
Find myself
In the light in the right again
Turning to the distance
Solitude my friend
Close my eyes
To dream this nightmare again

Can't believe all of this
Time as taking this place
Stalker on my back
Trying to break my

Ritual destruction
Words cut me down
The believer
Ritual distruction
Words cut me down
Stoned by the sky
The believer

Rising above it all
Breaking through to the light
Running through the forest
Wanna wish it
All away
And start at a new
Moonlight shining down on me
Live day to day
As a firm believer
No matter what it takes

Close my eyes
Still alive still standing
Stronger than ever before
walking through the fire
With no wounds
To burn
Still alive still standing
Dream alive standing high
Above the hell I created

Still I am
Still I stand the believer


Things Still Forgotten EP

Tracks: Be No More and Hang have been on online radio play

Set List

Be No More
Excape This
Better Off
Behind Me
To the Feed
My Obsession
When All I Loved Is Lost