My Alley

My Alley


Our music "breathes" our passions, our emotions and our way to live life! With "Hope" we want everyone to enjoy life with all their strength! Music is life true 5th Element!


Turning over a fresh page in his musical life, André Prista starts building a new project, inviting Camilo Simões, whom he had worked with in the past. Soon after, Prista’s sound-student, Nuno Viriato, was asked to join the group. In April 2009, My Alley was born.
It was time to start working on their first masterpiece, entitled “Hope”. André Prista was responsible for all lyrical concept, musical creation, direction, and production on the album that features special guests like André Matos (André Matos solo, ex-Shamman) & Rafael Bittencourt (Angra, Bittencourt Project).

In order to make My Alley a full-on band, Gonçalo Ramos & João Figueiredo join the founding members. Since then, a promotional disk with a couple of pre-production songs (mastered by André Neto & André Prista) that will be part of the album with a new “make up” was born and three video-clips have been made.
Mastered by Bob Katz, Orlando, FL USA, the first full-length CD, entitled “Hope”, is available. Meanwhile, My Alley is available to perform live when a laudable opportunity presents itself.


"Hope" Promo Album 2009

Set List

Intention, Blinded, Closer, Under, Unity, Crossroads, Headline, Away with you, Frozen, Purpose, Cycle, Qualm, Prudence, Fear, Resilience and so on. Only Originals