Mya Meadow

Mya Meadow


Mya sings and plays six string acoustic guitar in a crisp refreshing style that pleases the ear while the vocals rivet your attention to the story being told. The music is blend of country-folk and bluegrass but with a striking contemporary edge that is guarteed to please .


Mya Meadow is an acoustic guitar player and singer who performs songs often obscure but well crafted , as well as some original material . In the work, there is a flavor of the appalatian mountains in a style that is influenced by folk, country and bluegrass music .Songs Mya performs are often portraits of regular people who are in change or are waiting for the next upswing in their luck. She uses a unique flat picking style that colors the cords of the composition by playing lead and base notes simultaneously. In my family, to play the guitar was to " unify musical expression with the instrument to attain an expannsive musical style".


Unplugged, Unmixed, Unsigned

Set List

Barstow, Sweethart like you, Robert Johnson, Lydia
Clipping Cowboys. Long May You Run, One Too Many Mornings, Sam Stone, Fox on the Run, Painting by Numbers, Ohio, Dont Let It Bring You Down, I've Been Out Walking, For you, Atlantic city, Clever Innocense ,Shelter from the Storm, Knocking on Heavens door, Sarah, Fast Car, Love is a Rose,Woodstock, Rubberball and others.