Boston, Massachusetts, USA
BandHip Hop


Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Myart, familiarly known as Kye Understanding, always experimented with music
“The name says it all: it's my art,” Myart describes his style. “It ain't like nothing else. It's something you're going to feel – make you cry, make you smile. It's just me.”-Myart

Myart is a multi-talented artist, as producer and engineer, his style is unlike any known – from his lyrics to the beats he produces. Inspired by great artists of all walks he aspire to making music that will last forever and grasp the emotion of the time.
His lyrics form out of everything around him – pulling his listeners into his world, sharing parts of himself. Most importantly, Myart's lyrics tell the story of his community and the experiences he has had. He is everyman and he shows this from his first person gritty street tales, to his thoughts on being a single fulltime father. “I want to be immortalized through my words,” he says. “My son and my peoples – everything we go through on a daily basis – makes me, makes what I write, and the emotions I put into creating every beat.” His showmanship is a must see. He has been performing at different clubs up and down the East coast at multiple clubs and has opened up for Red Man, Juelz Santana, DJ Lazy K and a list of other artist. His transformation from humble artist to microphone monster on stage is the reason why his name has adorned the moniker The Incredible (after the Marvel anti Hero the Hulk).

Myarts first release in 2005 “The Undisputed” (a compilation CD of Myart’s production featuring various artists) show and proved he was on the right path, by being nominated for an M.I.C. (Mass. Industry Committee) award. He continued on his efforts in 2006 with his second release and first solo CD “This Is Myart” hosted by Dipset’s JR Writer, it featured tracks with artist such as Terminology, Harlem 6, as well as JR Writer. Myarts third release in 2007 “My Pen Still Bleeds” hosted by G-Units DJ Epps furthered his accolades overseas and solidified his position as one the top artists out of New England and an underground emcee to keep an eye on. Over the past few years Myart has been honing his production skills and has done work with up and coming artist, while attending the New England Art institute majoring in Audio Tech and Engineering. He also took part in the Boston P.E.A.C.E. project to help stop gang and other related violence amongst the inner city youths. Myart has also been working on what he is calling an Audio Trilogy inspired by one of his favorite Marvel characters The Hulk due to start dropping in 2010. The first of this series “Myart Smash” is to be hosted by DJ Rated R and is aimed to be released this fall. Accompanied with multiple videos new website and newly signed promotional team, shall further etch his name into the Rap Industry. The first single to be released off this CD Myart Smash w/bside Put Em’ Up ft. Ant Kneel and Wispers.

Myart is truly the whole package with: unique style, hot beats, true-to-life lyrics, and stimulating shows he stands out among his peers and is leading the march on re-defining what true Hip-hop music is and putting his stamp on the world of rap music.

“I really... feel nobody raps like me. Nobody comes with the style like I do – true to the form, not trying to be like this or that. They do what they do, and I do what I do. That's why it's my art and not theirs.”-Myart