My Autumn Fire

My Autumn Fire


Jimmy Eat World meets Quicksand in Sunny Day Real Estate's rehearsal room.


When a band's hipster image and sonic bombast lose their impact, what's left? The songs. My Autumn Fire isn't out to reinvent the wheel or lay claim to any titles like "hardest," "fastest" or "wildest" band in the land. Not at all.

Formed in late 2005, this band's nucleus of Jay Juranis (vocals/guitar) and Jeremy Haag (guitar) is focused on crafting memorable songs steeped in musical traditions ranging from '70 arena rock supergroups to gut-punching punk and radio-friendly pop. Drawing on his years of writing,
recording and touring experience as the frontman/guitarist of PA's-pop/punk juggernaut,
Nooner, Juranis and guitar whiz Haag sculpted melodic rock jems while searching for the ideal rhythm section. Following up on a slew of internet musicians wanted ads, bassist Erik Caplan, known for his string-bending with Philly-based dopecore act, Cottonmouth D.N., and drummer Andy Seifried, skinsman for Baltimore, MD's experimental Random Order, soon came into the My Autumn Fire fold. The band quickly coalesced into a solid unit focused on
creating and performing engaging, memorable music with a strong foundation in melody, lyricism and sincere emotion.

Considering the band's wide-ranging pedigree of punk, hardcore, jazz and old-school rock, My Autumn Fire's signature sound lies not in its desire to confound the senses with dazzling virtuousity or ear-pummeling volume but rather to embrace listeners with memorable songs and honest performances.

My Autumn Fire's first four-song, eponymous EP showcases the band's strong studio performances uncluttered by production tricks. Released in July 2006, the songs for this EP were culled from the My Autumn Fire live set. These four songs reveal a band flexing its musical muscles and offer a glimpse at MAF's potential.


Self Titled EP/2006

Set List

Sets range from 30-60 minutes. The band plays all original material. Titles include "Man Down," "'74," "Everything You Are," "Ocean Drive," "Sweet Revenge," "Constellations" and "Drive On" to name just a few.