My Broken Art

My Broken Art

 Sydney, New South Wales, AUS

My Broken Art makes makes music of a personal, introspective nature. Most tracks consist of a simple, fingerpicked acoustic guitar line and double-tracked vocals that become layered with beautiful, sweeping harmonies.


Michael Lewis is the sole artist behind My Broken Art. He began learning the guitar at eighteen by playing it like a bass and singing angsty lyrics about death.

After some impromptu lessons from friends and some time studying an Eric Clapton songbook his songs became more innovative and lyrically obscure. Too much time spent listening to Radiohead resulted in songs with complex chord structures, key changes, and multiple time signatures. Attempts to record these songs were thwarted by his lack of a band and resulted in bloated, over-arranged productions featuring sampled trumpets, marimbas, drums, and more.

My Broken Art evolved as a vehicle for Michael's simpler, quieter acoustic songs. The mandate is to record each song without turning to sampled instruments - no drum machines, no fake orchestra. Just natural sounds recorded through a microphone or direct line-in. Of course, this mandate is doomed to be broken, but transgressions will be slight.


Ripcord - debut ep