My bubba

My bubba

 Copenhagen, Capital Region, DNK

My bubba & Mi are two good-sounding girls with good-looking songs. They play 78 strings altogether, on instruments that are 164 years old, all in all. The girls met by chance in Copenhagen. An Italian hears them, brings them to Italy and they make a record. They now tour the world with sweetness.


My bubba & Mi is a daringly sweet pair of ladies, whose songs are slow and easy, teasing and pleasing. They call them lullabies from the countryside, with one part sweet talking, one part mumbo jumbo and one part pure wisdom. Bubba plays the guitar and the banjo, and My has a really old table harp. And they sing. Sweetly and simply, songs that stroke you like a banana cream pie and the sound of wood, and remind you of a great grandmother's perfume.

It all started a couple of years ago in Copenhagen, when Bubba moved into My's apartment by chance. They started spending evenings together humming homely hymns, and soon found themselves in Italy making a record; the very lovely 'How it's done in Italy'. Since then they have been touring around Europe playing over a hundred club shows, leaving charming impressions at Iceland Airwaves (IS), Into The Great Wide Open (NL), The Band Room (UK) and most recently at Eurosonic 2011 (NL).

Now touring with single ‘Bob’ (July '11), and their soon to be released EP ‘Wild & You’ (Oct '11), My bubba & Mi will appear in the Netherlands, Germany and Italy in September. In October they play Culture Collide Festival in LA & CMJ in NY, along with other US shows.



Written By: My Larsdotter

oh honey you’re so strong like chili powder
in your arms, when you hold me in them
I never have a chance to get away

I’m with you when I’m gone
I walk the streets on my own
all night long

oh honey you’re so strong like chili powder in your arms
how do you make time to be so juicy
like pineapple in the sun

and everybody knows
pineapple-chili is what goes
best together in this world

Bubba's Blues

Written By: Bubba

It’s seven in the morning, and I’m building a tree house for two
let’s make up the mess we made from mayhem and chess

there is silence on the other side
moon and mills, pockets full of pills
trying hard to stay off the track,
but my wonderment is you in the sack

it’s eight in the evening, having difficulties with my dreams
be aware of the robots in here they might just lick your hair


Written By: My Larsdotter

Oh steam engine
accompany my heart
birds exploding from joy
shoe shave is fine
now is a goldmine
sugar sugar sugar
you’re back on the beach with your darling
I’m back in the woods with my dear

Really Really

Written By: My Larsdotter

My intestines are warm holding your arm
you slipped it under there, with your paw

oh I will see you soon with the moon
and the great walls of waves
around us around, stay gold
who taught you to freeze huh?
why aren’t you as warm and fluid
as I know you can be

we’re all here, hang loose no moose is too huge
live it leave it. yeah when you’re in hell, keep going
I love you more and Hemingway with a shotgun!

I will never love a young boy again

Written By: My Larsdotter

Come back in 5-10 years
and we'll get married then
but I will never love a young boy again
800 months older than him am I
in my hands he is a bar of soap

Oh these hours of letting him go
these hours of letting go

I'd like to hang you up in a tree
and let you age there
listen to the leaves and move with the wind
I am 100 years
in my hairs I want a bear

Oh these hours of letting him go
these hours of letting go


Wild & You (EP) with the Tangarine Twins - October 2011
Bob (single) - June 2011
How it's done in Italy jingle (single) with His Clancyness - June 2010
How it's done in Italy (full length cd & vinyl) - March 2010
GO PEE PEE EP (EP) - September 2009
My bubba & Mi (EP) - May 2009

All songs of have radio airplay in various countries.

Set List

Bubba's blues
Nothing much that I can do
Really Really
Blind State
I will never love a young boy again
Ants in my pants
After You
Apple Spell
How it's done in Italy
Wild & You
Apple Spell
My Texas girl
Oh kiss no
Bob, we love you
Hwaii Blus
Good night heart
Cowboy's sweetheart
Through & Through