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My Cerulean Heart

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | SELF

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia | SELF
Band EDM Folk


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Selected Reviews"

*** My Cerulean Heart Press ***

'the city’s premier exponents of electronic music ...that is as folky and mystical as it is modern.'
Matt Thrower, Rave Magazine review of ‘A Little Closer to the Truth by Dizzygotheca’

'It’s an EP that makes me excited' review of ‘A Little Closer to the Truth’

'A journey of love, hope and evocative electronica bliss'
Myjanne Jensen, Scene Magazine regarding 'A Little Closer to the Truth'

‘...nothing short of beautiful'
Scout TV review of Holding Pattern

‘A beautiful illusion surrounded by electronic sound…'
Bloodline242 (Japan) review of Holding Pattern
- Various

"Stop The Silence Live Review"

Dizzygotheca played experimental electronica with hints of the early eighties like Gary Numan or Lene Lovich. Heidi Millington's lead vocals are hauntingly beautiful, sounding like a cross between Christina Scabbia from Lacuna Coil and Kate Bush, with Anthony Smith controlling sound effects and electronic beats. The music plays like a sonic landscape, combining unorthodox beats with noise and melody, creating a dark and moody sound which could be the soundtrack to a Gothic film, with the highlight being ‘Shallow Heart’.

LISA LAMB (MEAP Career Reviews – ( of Amnesty International's Stop the Silence Concert, The Zoo, Brisbane, Saturday Dec 16 2006) - MEAP Career Reviews

"Holding Pattern EP Review"

‘Holding Pattern’ is ‘intriguing and unique’ with ‘beautiful emotive vocals…With their no limits approach to delicate situations, Dizzygotheca are edgy and unafraid of trying something different.’ - Rave Magazine

"Review of Holding Pattern"

‘A beautiful illusion surrounded by electronic sound…' - Bloodline242 (Japan)

"Review of Holding Pattern EP"

‘an enigmatic soundscape of light and dark…a bittersweet ride’.
- Scene Magazine

"Live Review - Seven Deadly Synths @ SOOB"

Dizzygotheca’s haunting, delicate electronica is comparable to both trip-hop and ambient post-industrial. Heidi Millington’s in-tune vocals were refreshing to the ears, harshly contrasted by off-beat distorted drum samples.”

SEAN MARTIN DOYLE (Rave Magazine Brisbane – review of the Seven Deadly Synths Show @ SOOB - Thursday Aug 17 2006 )
- Rave Magazine Brisbane

"Live Review of the Silhouette Series 4: Gudmundsdóttir"

Up-and-coming duo Dizzygotheca are up first, and have certainly got into the spirit of things, Heidi Millington’s outrageous bird wings and Anthony Smith’s even more outrageous devil get-up (complete with red body paint) making an impression before they even play a note. They’re not afraid of overhauling Bjork’s songs in their own style, as their atmospheric take on Hyperballad and manic, double-time-beats version of Violently Happy prove.
But it’s actually their own songs that impress the most, especially I Haven’t Told Anyone About Us Yet with its stuttering rhythms, dark, vaporous synth lines and slow-building air of menace.

BRETT COLLINGWOOD (Rave Magazine Brisbane – review of the Silhouette Series 4: Gudmundsdóttir - Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse - Saturday Sep 30 2006)
- Rave Magazine Brisbane

"A Little Closer to the Truth Same Same Review"

The sounds of a viola twisting over a fuzzy loop were not what I expected to be the first thing floating out of my speakers from a band called Dizzygotheca, but the new EP from this Brisbane band turns out to be a disc of unexpected surprises.

Looped electronics and a viola provide a richly organic backdrop for Heidi Millington’s breathy vocals, these three seemingly simple ingredients gradually layered into a rich and complex tapestry that still feels remarkable restrained. Every sound on this EP feels like it’s been carefully positioned; it’s an album that feels like it has space to breathe.

This kind of restraint is a welcome and rare thing, and is used to great effect on the opening track Sky Over Israel. The song feels almost like an electronic hymn, composed not so much of verses and choruses, but built up through a persistent repetition of phrases and looped sounds that, at the last possible moment dissolve into a few delicate vocals hanging in space. This approach is even more effective on perhaps the EP’s best track, Sand or Set, with a rough, persistent drum beat marking time for a vocal that sounds like it’s on the edge of something dark and brooding, a voice gradually subsumed by a squall of viola like a storm coming in over the ocean. Yet the refrain “I feel hopeful in this place” never feels too melancholy, the moment after the storm passes is already on the horizon.

The tempo shifts up a bit in the second half of the EP; glitches and processed voices creating the videogame feel of I Am Here To Rescue You without ever threatening to become anywhere near cute. The song is like a monochrome version of Super Mario Land, the Princess finally rescued from the castle, blinking in the sunlight and musing “We go out now, we’re in love I think”; wondering if this was all worth waiting for. Never has the phrase “power up” seemed so metaphysical.

Dizzygotheca successfully tread the fine line that divides influence from mere imitation – the six tracks on A Little Closer To The Truth all bring to mind more well known practitioners of this kind of work (the more ethereal tracks of Andrea Parker spring particularly to mind) without ever sounding derivative. Closing track 313 sounds a bit like what you’d imagine Alison Goldfrapp would be doing now if she’d been locked in an abandoned warehouse for four years when she was still making atmospheric soundscapes instead of serving up lukewarm glamrock. It’s rough around the edges with a dirty groove that I’m sure fires up live audiences, the multi-tracked vocals pulling together the many strands that make up this EP into something greater than the sum of its parts. It’s an EP that makes me excited to see how the band develops their sound into an album long project. review of ‘A Little Closer to the Truth’ -

"A Little Closer to the Truth Rave Review"

‘Certainly, though, the name is strikingly suitable for Dizzygotheca’s smooth, haunting, darkly tinged and slightly askew sound, especially once the plant’s full nomenclature – dizygotheca elegantissima – is considered. For if there is one word that could be most aptly applied to the six tunes brought together on the group’s new EP, A Little Closer to the Truth, from the pristine, otherworldly opener Sky Over Israel through the pulsing, haunting and infectious 4ZZZ favourite Little Beat and on, finally, to the throbbing dance floor anthem that closes the release, 313, it would most certainly be ‘elegant’.’

Shaun Nancarrow, Rave Magazine about ‘A Little Closer to the Truth’ - Rave Magazine

"A Little Closer to the Truth Rave Official Review"

Brisbane duo Heidi Millington and Anthony Smith are the city’s premier exponents of electronic music seemingly composed with a quill. As Dizzygotheca, the pair use electronics to make music that is as folky and mystical as it is modern. On new six-track EP A Little Closer To The Truth, they immerse themselves in mantras and chilled, chilling washes of electronic noise. Opening track Sky Over Israel blends haunting voices with an ominous undercurrent, before the minimalist pulse of Little Beat combines almost a cappella moments with sub-aquatic sonics. Sand Or Set could be one of the desolate lullabies of This Mortal Coil, while I’m Here To Rescue You is part cyber torch ballad, part Burroughsian electro-jazz. The lush electronic burbles and swishes of Between Horses And Trees provide the most chilled-out moment, before closer 313 – like a sparser take on Goldfrapp’s fetishist grooves. The sheer amount of intriguing ideas on these six tracks confirms Dizzygotheca’s inventive approach to their deliciously dark art. - Rave Magazine


Awards and Nominations:
• QSong nomination (2008) new music / electronic category for ‘Little Beat’

• ‘Contact’ track by My Cerulean Heart (free download from Super Crush Records with video clip) (2010)
• “A Little Closer to the Truth” EP by Dizzygotheca (2009) (production, composition and vocals)
• “Holding Pattern” EP Dizzygotheca (2007) (composition, found sound recordings, vocals)
• ‘No I Have Not Told Anyone About Us’ track on ElectroStatik compilation (USA) (2008) and Fiend Magazine Sampler (Australia) (2006)
• ‘Shallowheart’ track on and Ladyfest Brisbane compilation (Australia) (2006).

• Lawrence English (Producer, Brisbane) (production, composition, vocals)
• Phonogram (Producer, Slovakia) (vocals)
• Creating new works for Screech live performance (Cerebral Palsy League performance, Brisbane) (production and composition)

• Ghostboy with Golden Virtues (Brisbane). “Love Me”

• Radio National, ABC Classic FM, 4ZzZ Brisbane, J TV, Australian/International community radio.


Little Beat

Sky Over Israel



Something borrowed, something blue.

MY CERULEAN HEART make beautiful, blissful beats in Brisbane. They mix the old with new to make shimmery electro and beautiful avante pop electronica. Cutting edge synths hit found and traditional sounds. Their electronica is more lyrically driven than most dance electronica acts, allowing them to create a sense of intimate connection with the audience while still putting on an amazing live show. Their experimental nature ensures their sound is engaging and explores new avenues with every release. With beats, textures, and lush synth sounds, they create music and lyrics that are truthful and honest. Their music resonates with the secret romantic places in people's hearts. Their beautiful hopeful lyrics are suffused with sparkling harmonies.

Heidi and Anthony produce beats, synths and melodies. Fflur writes gorgeous vocals, harmonies and found percussion sounds. Josh brings his classical training on piano to create a vibrant sound. Heidi’s whimsical, hope suffused lyrics form the core of the band’s content but song writing duties are shared.

Think Goldfrapp glamour meets Bat For Lashes mystique with Miss Kittin attitude. As well as playing regularly in Brisbane, they have toured Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Paris and outback Queensland. They were nominated for a Q Song award (2008, Electronic New Music as Dizzygotheca) and ranked in the Top 20 in 4ZzZ's Hot 100.

Airplay includes Radio National, ABC Classic FM, J TV, and Australian and international community radio. They have had tracks on Australian and International compilations (Fiend Magazine, ElectroStatik (USA), Ladyfest Brisbane). Heidi and Anthony have leant their production skills to remixes (Ghostboy) and movie sound tracks.

You are invited to come adventuring through fresh new musical territories. Catch them at the Brisbane Powerhouse Live Spark on June 5.

MY CERULEAN HEART is Heidi Millington, Anthony Smith, Fflur Collier and Josh Hill Denaro. My Cerulean Heart was renamed from Dizzygotheca in 2010, signalling their stronger focus on shimmery pop and new band members.