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My City Burning

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands | MAJOR

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands | MAJOR
Band Metal Punk


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Lone Wolves (2010, I Scream Records, LP)
White Lies, Black Eyes (2008, self-released, EP)



How many bands you know have opened for acts like Machine Head, Hatebreed and Poison the Well, supported both Pro-Pain and Raging Speedhorn on their tours, and have gotten nothing but positive reviews, all based on one demo?!

Not many, probably. Yet, My City Burning has pulled off just that. Combining a healthy DIY work ethic with the…the NEED to play live, “MCB” has impressed friend and foe with their
accomplishments so far without the backing of a label, booking agency or management. “We didn’t feel like waiting until we got a break, so we book our own shows, recorded and mixed our debut EP and do our own designs and promotion.”, singer Igor says. “A while back I decided to give the local hardcore shows I organize and the MCB shows I book a name; Party Scars.” Founded in the
summer of 2006, MCB’s eager attitude and drive has since become a benchmark for the band, and their accomplishments so far have garnered the band a solid following, a great live-reputation and positive reviews in magazines and e-zines across the globe.

After releasing their self-produced demo EP “White Lies, Black Eyes”, My City Burning have extensively played the international club-circuit, supporting bands such as: Hatebreed (USA), Integrity
(USA), Agnostic Front (USA), Death Before Dishonor (USA), Poison the Well (USA), Coliseum (USA), Kickback (FR), Caliban (D), Burning Skies (UK), Final Prayer (D), Backfire! (NL), Devil Sold His Soul (UK), Rise and Fall (BE), No Turning Back (NL), Enemy Ground (NL), Length of Time (BE) and The Setup (BE), and were support for Pro-Pain (USA) on all of the Dutch dates of their No End In Sight tour, as well as main support on the final European mainland tour of British grind/punk heroes Raging
Speedhorn (UK). To quote Gareth Smith (Victims, ex-Raging Speedhorn): "I had the pleasure of touring with MCB as part of our final tour with Speedhorn. The guys tore it up on stage each and every night! Tight as a duck's ass and bursting with energy!”

However, the biggest highlight so far in the short existence of MCB was opening for Machine Head (USA) at the Rockhal in Luxembourg upon invitation of frontman Robb Flynn himself. It’s a gig the band sees as recognition for their hard work and the effort they put in to play anytime, anywhere. “The only thing we really care about is playing live. Everything we do – the recording, the booking, the management, the designs-…it’s all in the name of getting up on stage, doing what we love and do best.”, says guitarist Ramon. “Playing in front of 50 or 5000 people, it doesn’t matter to us as the intention and energy on stage is always the same: Give it your all!”

That work ethic up until this point hasn’t gone unnoticed, and as a result the band landed endorsement deals from Ibanez, Peavey, and most recently, Tech 21. “I couldn’t say no to them. They just called me up and said they would come to my house and play their rendition of “Una Paloma Blanca” until I caved!“, says Peavey’s artist manager Jeroen de Slegte. “I mean, what are you going to do? Say no?!? I have a wife and kids for God's sake!!”

Now My City Burning are entering a new era. In December of 2009 they recorded their first full length album with Germany’s acclaimed producer Kristian “Kohle” Kohlmannslehner (A Traitor Like Judas, Crematory, Final Prayer, One Bullet Left and many more). Those three weeks in the studio finally resulted in “Lone Wolves”, an intense 27-minute rollercoaster ride filled with grooves that will make your head bang, thrash metal riffs that will make your face melt, and vocals that make you want to break something. About working with MCB, Kohle says: “I felt inspired again as these guys really push the envelope and make you want to give it your all. The result, I believe, is a very sexy recording with some incredibly strong material. This definitely is one of the strongest up and coming HC/Metal bands that I have worked with over the last years.”

April 2010 sees My City Burning signed to I Scream Records. Laurens Kusters, owner of I Scream Records, says: "We're very proud to welcome My City Burning. These guys have worked hard the last couple of years and that's exactly the commitment we're looking for when signing bands. This new album and full length debut is an amazing record and won't disappoint anyone." "When Laurens said "Sign here in blood, please", we suspected something was a bit 'off', but sometmes you just have to take the plunge, you know? Haha. But in all seriousness, I Scream Records is a great label and it's amazing to share a label with inspiring bands like Life of Agony, Madball and Death By Stereo! Time to take this to the next level." the band ads.

The European release of “Lone Wolves” is set for the week of September 27th. In 2010 MCB will continue to establish their name, and trash stages all over Europe and beyond, be it supported by local talent or supporting known established bands themselves.

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