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Seattle, Washington, United States

Seattle, Washington, United States
Band Pop Soul


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"Mycle Wastman on The Bob Rivers Show"

Mycle Wastman is a Seattle guy - he's a contestant on Team Cee-Lo on NBC's 'The Voice" this season.

We really enjoyed meeting Mycle, and you will REALLY enjoy the two songs he treated us to.

Listen to today's podcast and see what we mean! - The Bob Rivers Show

"Mycle Wastman on New Day Northwest"

Well another thing that’s taking off with a “boom” is the third season of The Voice, which features some phenomenal talent! The blind auditions are now over and this week the battle rounds begin. Representing Team CeeLo is a guy from West Seattle who blew the judges away with his soulful rendition of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” He performs an original song called "I'm All Over This" from his album of the same name to show us just what he's got! - King 5

"Turning Tragedy into Triumph"

Turning tragedy into triumph: Cee Lo Green makes an orphaned contestant's dream come true on The Voice... a week after his grandfather dies - Daily Mail UK

""The Voice" Mycle Wastman is full of Soul"

Mycle Wastman, 40, Seattle
In a testament to good skincare, Mycle Wastman – who is 40 but looks 20 – takes the stage. His performance of Al Green‘s “Let’s Stay Together” is strong and soulful, and gets all three male judges to turn around. (Christina, perhaps still reeling in the regret of landing Beat Frequency last night, is more conservative with her spins this evening). Cee Lo is so excited about Mycle that he comes up with a line about how he was named after Al Green, which is immediately refuted by Adam. Nonetheless, after Cee Lo declares “nobody does soul music better than Cee Lo Green,” Mycle picks him for a coach.

Another week of blind auditions are complete, so the coaches take a breather backstage. This leads to Cee Lo to stripping down to his undershirt (not what we meant by wardrobe change, guys). With less than half of the spots left, it’s gloves off for the coaches, awards out for Blake and all out for the rest of the contestants as the remaining spots are filled.
- Idolator

"#1 Pick Mycle Wastman"

What happens when you put D¹ Angelo, Robin Thicke, Justin Timbalake and
Musiq SoulChild in a smoked out blues lounge with a piano? Mycle Wastman
happens!! Need we say more? Solid, solid, solid album.

Our Favorite Track
Still Holdin On

Room For Improvement
Nada, well done.

"Seattle Soul Singer Wows The Voice with His "Let's Stay Together""

I'm super-excited about the third season of The Voice starting; it's one of my favorite TV shows. (However, I watch it a day late on Hulu since I don't have a REAL TV and because Internet TV is the wave of the future, so that's why I'm a day late on this). On Tuesday night's blind auditions, the last audition (if you watch the show, you know they usually close out the episode with a majorly good person) was a 40-year-old soul singer from West Seattle named Mycle Wastman. Wastman told a sad story about losing both of his parents as a child and being raised by his grandfather, who died just two weeks ago. He then took the stage and sang a gorgeous rendition of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" that floored the judges, three of whom--Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, and Blake Shelton--turned their chairs for him.

*See also: Vicci Martinez' Green Revolution: The Tacoma artist found her Voice, and has Cee Lo (and NBC) to thank.

It's always entertaining to watch the judges fight over a contestant. Cee Lo said, "You got the whole spectrum, man, you are the total package. I'm the most excited about you, than anyone else today," and then spouted some made-up story about how Al Green is his godfather and he was named after him. Adam cut him off to tell Wastman, "I have a weakness for that song, but that makes me listen to it all the more carefully because I love it so much, and you did such an incredible, incredible job." Blake said, "You're the best vocalist we have heard today. That is a fact."
- Seattle Weekly

"Finding His Voice"

More than 20 years ago, an Army private appeared on a CNN Christmas broadcast strumming his guitar and singing “Silent Night” in Mina, Saudi Arabia.

The Soldier was Mycle Wastman, and that program turned out to be a glimpse of the future for the young musician.

After an active duty Army career from 1990 to 1994, Wastman served afterward in the Army Reserves as a chaplain’s assistant at Madigan Army Medical Center at Fort Lewis from 1995 to 1996.

“While I was in the service, I’ve always had a love for music,” Wastman said. “It was always my passion, but it never was something I was pursuing as a career.”

Today, the former Soldier and Seattle musician is now introducing his musical talents to millions of viewers as a contestant on the hit NBC television show, “The Voice.”

After his blind audition, for which he performed the Al Green standard, “Let’s Stay Together,” musician coaches Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton each turned his chair around to offer the soulful singer a spot on his team — an important step on the program. Wastman selected Cee Lo Green as his vocal coach, and after his Tuesday night, battle-round performance of Alex Clare’s “Too Close,” Green again selected Wastman, advancing him to the knockout round of competition.

The winner of “The Voice” receives a record deal with Universal Music Group.

“It’s been an incredible experience,” Wastman said. “Just the spotlight that is on me right now is pretty intense. Seeing the new people who are appreciating my music and seeing the people who have been in my life for a long time — stepping up and being supportive and wanting me to succeed — I’m really thankful for having the opportunity.”

Wastman’s passion for music was instilled in him as a baby when his grandmother, who sang background vocals for Frank Sinatra, sang to him in a rocking chair. After his time in the service, Wastman worked construction and project management jobs in Seattle. By the time he was 30 he realized music is what he needed to do.

“I definitely was a late bloomer,” Wastman said. “(The other jobs) never filled that space in my heart and I kept on going back to music. There’s no guarantees in life; might as well do what you love to do.”

Wastman entered the Seattle music scene about 10 years ago and has released two albums since.

Friend and fellow Seattle musician, Ryan Shea Smith, first met Wastman about six years ago when they teamed up to form Jive Talkin’, a Bee Gee’s tribute band.

“The first time I heard Mycle sing I was totally blown away,” Smith said. “A lot of people can sing, but he can do things that are really rare vocally.”

To augment his singing, Wastman also plays guitar, bass and drums. He draws on personal experiences with his songwriting, including his six-month deployment during Operation Desert Storm. About 10 years ago Wastman penned a song titled “40 Days and Nights in Babylon,” reflecting on his time as a Soldier.

“I just wanted to describe the situation of the common young Soldier and what they go through,” he said. “I just wanted to paint that picture. People can relate to that.”

More than 12 million people tuned in to watch “The Voice” Tuesday, but Wastman says he tried to only focus on the 300 people in the studio audience watching him perform.

As the televised competition progresses, Wastman vocally battles to be the one singer left, known ultimately as the title of program — “The Voice,” Win or lose, Wastman is enjoying every minute on the national stage.

“It would be some validation for what I’ve been doing forever,” he said. “I think it would be a great thing ... It doesn’t matter if I win or not. To me, just being on the show is awesome. I’m just happy to be here.”
- Northwest Guardian

"Mycle Wastman Has Blind Audition of the Night"

Mycle Wastman: The Patrick Stump look-alike held numerous jobs in his past, but none compared to his love for music. Seeing his parents pass away at a young age only reaffirmed his commitment to perform professionally. His rendition of Al Green’s ‘Let’s Stay Together’ was hands down the best audition of the night. His vocal ability covered the entire spectrum of the song: high notes to low notes, Wastman nailed it stylistic wise. Once again, everyone but Aguilera turned their chairs around, but no one does soul like Cee Lo Green, who picked up Wastman as a vocalist for his team. - Pop Crush

"Who is Mycle Wastman From the Voice Season 3"

On tonight’s episode of The Voice Season 3, the final contestant of the night managed to wow the judges purely with the strength of his.

But it was Mycle Wastman’s backstory that captured our attention (and had us reaching for a tissue). Mycle’s father passed away from lung cancer and his mother died of a respiratory disorder when he was a kid. Mycle was raised by his grandfather, who passed away less than two weeks before his audition.

The Seattle, Wa. native took his childhood hardships and channeled them into making great music. He has already produced a full-length album — The Beautiful Stay. Mycle describes his sound as “dripping with old soul vibe.”

That was evident with Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Cee Lo Green were all clamoring over each other to get him on their teams. His rendition of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” had Cee Lo bragging and Blake calling Mycle the best performance of the day.

Ultimately, Mycle went with Team Cee Lo and his choice was no surprise given his soulful background. Mycle performs regularly around Washington state, but that will have to go on hold when he battles another member of Team Cee Lo on The Voice stage in a few weeks. - Wet Pain

"Mycle Wastman"

Mycle Wastman is an independent artist, just emerging from Exact Records, a
label which includes artists like him, quite unknown to the general public.
And yet, this young talented guitarist, a native of Seattle, has already had
the privilege of opening for Chaka Khan, Tony! Toni! Tone! And
the legendary Keith Sweat.

Inspired by artists such as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, but also Joe,
Usher or Coldplay, Mycle Wastman is gradually known to occur in small rooms
in Seattle, before recording his first studio album “The Beautiful Stay”.

A promising first album, songs written or co-written by Wastman, we note
especially many musical influences that mix generally sensitivity Soul, Jazz, and Pop. Such influences on each song makes it impossible to
classify Mycle in a specific category, as his world is rich.

To listen to the first two tracks, one feels the influence of Stevie Wonder,
both lyrically and musically. "Found Wantin" and "Still Holdin On" show
from the outset rather impressive vocal abilities of the artist. Especially
with the title "As Long As I'm With You", one can only admire its flights to
vocalise at the end of the song, his voice full of his falsetto or control
it to perfection .

"Beautiful Stay" and "I Can't Believe" are two beautiful ballads written by
Mycle in an atmosphere of both Pop / Soul, Blues / Rock and Country. This
mix of styles perfectly characterizes the musical color of the album
elsewhere. "Ain't Enough" and "You're the Only One" are two more rhythmic titles, as "Redemption" is more oriented with sounds of Pop / Folk. Ballads on the album "Wake Me", "All Of Your Love" and "Never Love Again" create a sumptuous sense of lightness and musical

Mycle gave us a lot of love songs with strong potential aphrodisiac with
this album, which ends with another gem like: On My Knees To Pray as the
very instruments posed a classic worthy of the greatest Soul. The
last verse is just breathtaking, as is the provision of Mycle's grandiose vocal. There is no better conclusion of this magnificent opus.

For me, The Stay Beautiful is the best album that I offered in mid-2008, any
style. There is the feeling that he has adapted his music itself and not the
opposite, orchestrating each side of his personality, where the mix of
styles that makes an album as successful.

No title is away. A humble artist, and a powerful voice full of emotion, the
theme of love dealt with sublime texts ... Certainly an album full of emotion and more open to us, musically speaking. A talent that can not be ignored and a universe that posses real happiness in the minds of music
lovers. This is the essence of good old R & B and Soul. Just for this, I will dedicate my reverence.

So thanks Mycle for "The Beautiful Stay".

- - France


Still working on that hot first release.



Mycle Wastman embodies a distinct soulful sound that aspires to the timeless soul classics rejuvenating music and its listeners to a new standard.

Mycles debut solo album, The Beautiful Stay, features 12 original songs that glide from the funky and irresistible opening smash single Found Wantin to the poignant and moving title track The Beautiful Stay. Mycles sophomore release, Im All Over It, was primarily recorded at Electrokitty Recording studios, which has been home to numerous recording artists including Carrie Underwood, Brandi Carlile, Dave Matthews, and rock icons U2. The album was co-produced and engineered by Justin Armstrong whos prolific resume not only includes 2 Grammys (Peter Frampton, Damian Marley), but in addition, Armstrong has worked with a number of today's top artists; Nirvana, Dave Mathews, Pearl Jam, Death Cab For Cutie, Eric Sermon, Liz Phair, and Linkin Park

Hailing as a Seattle native, Mycle started his vocal training by performing with the Seattle Boys Choir at the ripe age of five. As he entered his teenage years Mycle began his quest as a guitar player and songwriter. This quest escalated to an extensive catalog containing over one hundred songs and a production deal to record his highly anticipated debut solo album, released in March of 2008. With the release of the album came interests from major recording labels: Warner Brothers, Capitol, and Universal/Motown.

Over the last year Wastman has been working side by side with some of the best songwriters in the industry with credits that include writing for Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, Rhianna, and Chris Brown. With songs compiled to capture the raw emotion and musical journey that Wastman has endured over the last year, sparking the introduction of his music to the commercial market and reaching the listening masses.