Mycloud Ourcloud

Mycloud Ourcloud

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

We are an engaging rock and roll band with dynamic performances and unique arrangements. We aim to make the room come alive and don't stop at anything less. vocal harmonies are dispersed among building passages and memorable hooks.


Its Tortoise meets the Golden Dogs, we hope. We mix punchy songs with those that captivate the imagination. We have trimmed the fat on our arrangements and aim to please with our delivery.


Mycloud Ourcloud - The Trees, The Forest, The Divine (2007)
Craig Brown - Tales From the Sunset Sweatlodge (2004)

Set List

Reset; Return - 5 min
And if this Should Pass - 5 min
Drown - 3 min
God's Lucky Corridor - 5 min
covers: My Morning Jacket - Wordless chorus
Wolf Parade - I'll believe in Anything