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"29-04-06 - The Saturday Sessions and the rise of the New New Wave"

The first act up were Nenagh band “My Corduroy”, I knew from the first big E-note I heard on the bassist’s Fender Jazz, that these boys were in for the kill. The line up is Tommy Morgan on Vocs; Gary Scully on lead guitar; the keyboard is provided by brother Paul Scully; and Bass by Pops Corcoran and finally at the back it was Shane Scully keeping them all hopping on the back beat with some skillful drumming. The band’s sound was tight, tidy, and they created a spacey, somehow rapid but blissed sound that filled the room and kept the new listener eager to discover where their crafted and inventive songs were leading us to. Their sound is youthful and fresh, also, their range of influences is wide and its hard to pin down their live sound in terms of sounding like someone else, which is one of the best compliments I could give to any band. Saying that, they have done their homework, and in their songs and playing pay lip service to musical motifs from the more interesting guitar driven acts of the late 70s and very early 80s new wave. Tommy does a great job as front man, and as a working unit, the band work effectively and snappily to give the audience a top-notch and punchy performance. The crowd were rightly impressed and appreciative of this impressive and ballsy act

- An article by Paul Galbally

"12-05-06 - County Wexford Free Press (the Entertainment Page)"

The gig was delayed until 8.20pm with My Corduroy- wearing corduroy. Their set had to be cut short to four songs- a pity because those four songs were incredible. Starting with Smoke Emission, they were clearly influenced by Interpol but yet had a unique sound. Their use of keyboards and the stunning vocals were particularly remarkable. They played Intertwine and finished on Kings Of The Food Chain, where the keyboards really came into play. I hope that they'll return to Wexford at some stage so that we can enjoy a full set.
- reporter: Kate Rothwell...


Also performing was My Corduroy. These guys are a 5 piece rock band from the midlands who came second in the monthly cpu chart, they claim their influences are anything from Arcade fire, Stone roses to ac/dc, Interpol and smashing pumpkins, not only did these guys put on the best performance last night but they were the only band had everyone up screaming for more.
- reporter: Samantha Kim...

"18-04-06 - Cyprus Avenue, Cork gig"

"My Corduroy are the most anticipated band that has played at any of the Drop-D gigs. Even before they play the opening strains of Smoke Emission, the band possess a presence onstage which can be quite hard in such intimate settings. “Come breathe my smoke emission” sings lead singer Tommy Morgan on the opening song which is a captivating statement of paranoia laden rock. By the time they get to second song, Taking Over, people are out on the floor sharing the bands despair and anger. Tommy Morgan sounds like a 21st century Eddie Vedder while the band cover any missing ground between The Smashing Pumpkins and Metallica. Tonight they play 3 songs from their “We Create Monsters” ep. Robin v’s Batman sends the already partisan crowd into a near frenzy whereas the anthemic We Create Monsters closes the set to a rapturous applause. - Drop-D (

"26/01/06 The Guardian Newspaper"

"Any time they've played in Dublin myCorduroy have certainly never failed to impress, always lifting the proverbial roof off with live performances that captivate audiences attention and imagination"
- Simon O'Duffy

"Demo review"

The debut EP from Irish five-piece My Corduroy is nothing but a rocking joy.

"Sometimes simplicity is the key to success. My Corduroy certainly do not go overboard wen making their CDs, but their music is worthy of anyone's attention. This 4 track offering is full of heartfelt catchiness; thoughtful lyrics, excellent musicianship and the sheer chemistry between the band all shine through and make it a joy to listen to. Perhaps the highlight of the EP is title track 'We Create Monsters', with its distinct harmony flowing over the booming guitars and bawling vocals. It could easily get a stadium of 50,000 people be-bopping and generally rocking out. The other songs are also impressive, with 'Robin vs Batman' boiling over with inspired melodic rock, and 'Smoke Emission' standing out through the versatility of the vocals. Up to this point I am only concerned about a lack of variation between songs, but I am soon silenced by the reflective 'This Isn't Me', an attached song, which pours out restrained emotion not only in the lyrics, but also the melancholic leading harmony and stretching backing vocals. If you like the sound of an Irish System of a Down flickering with special melodies and bundles of promise, My Corduroy are for you. The tracks here are all very exciting, and I hope to here much more from this band. In fact, I'm pretty sure we will all be hearing much more from this humble yet talented group. 8/10 - Published for Uk Bands.Net and

"Demo Review"

Five-piece rock band from the midlands consist of the intro-spective front man Tommy Morgan, his expressive lyrics and extraordinary voice are disturbingly perfect! Gary Scully who is possessed with amazing talentand plays the guitar to the extreme, the keyboard abuse by Paul Scully is central to their electric perfomance, Pops Corcaran is an impressive musician. His Bass playing projects unimaginable energy complimented by sensational percussion by Shane Scully. These guys put together have this imaginitive, electronic, load and raw rock n roll style.

These guys first sparked my interest at temple bar music centre's CPU chart night were the lads came in second place and provided us with nothing but a great nights entertainment.

Their music is an eclectic mix of wildness, ambience and noise. This demo speaks volume and will constantly push the boudaries of our music preconceptions.

There is an explosion of interest around "we create monsters" as it featured in our regatta radio shows top five most played for several weeks. It is full of energy and melodic guitar hooks and is very impressively constructed.

"Smoke emission" is my personal favorite, it is charmingly mastered and loaded with inspiring guitar riffs and dusty, intense vocals.

"This isn't me" is truely infectious, it is intense, passionate and definitly groundbreaking.

Finally "Robin Vs Batman" is a track that is anthemic, it honestly has the ability to be hugely succesful. It is drowned in catchy retro baselines and the sound of bombastic drumbeats.

My Corduroy will have every self-respected music lover astonished as this music and talent is quite intriging and is a perfect slice of punk rock.

- 104.9 DSFM radio - Regatta


The band are busy recording songs for a debut EP launch scheduled for September. The songs are being recorded in Grouse Lodge studio 1 and so far the reaction to them has been very positive.

Although the band have no official single releases to date, our music has managed to make its way onto the national and regional airwaves.


Feeling a bit camera shy


My Corduroy are 5 aggressive, alpha dominant apes from Ireland. Some people describe our music as terrible (these people are currently being hunted down and shot!!). While other strange beings describe our sound as alternative, new wave, rock. The band relies on hours of previous conditioning from spacing out in our bedrooms listening to bands ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. Anything from Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, The Can, and Stone Roses to Interpol, Mercury rev, Kings of Leon and the Smashing Pumpkins can be heard in our music.

But it's not just the carbon copying of our musical influences alone that keeps our band going. Movies, comic books, facial hair, monsters, stick men and the mighty buck all have their part to play.

So what have we achieved so far?

The highlights of our short musical journey so far have included an appearance at last years HWCH festival, where the band were well received and played to a large crowd. We have also played on this years IMRO showcase tour, headlined the Cork Rocks showcase, played the EMM festival, had the fourth most downloaded song ever and being the sixth most popular artist on Irelands top underground MP3 chart website - CPU, touring in Germany, playing all the good, the bad and the ugly venues all over Ireland, hearing our songs played on national radio for the first time, and hearing our songs played on radio for the umpteenth time.

Further information about the band can be found at the following addresses:

Band management can be contacted at any time at the following phone number and email address
- Shane@(087) 2605743 or