My Cousin Leonard

My Cousin Leonard


My Cousin Leonard is an original/cover three-piece rock band from the Detroit area. Together for over eight years, MCL brings up-tempo, hip-shakin funk rock that can go all night. Raised on classic rock, My Cousin Leonard has since progressed thru jam music and been refined by jazz and soul.


My Cousin Leonard is a professional band with no egos. Their live act is what it's all about and MCL seeks to entertain. Packed with high-energy funk rock, MCL puts on a show with music for people who love music. Influenced by Motown, Led Zeppelin, The Talking Heads, and Phish, MCL produces funktastic action with a rock 'n' roll attitude. Dancing is one's natural reaction when MCL is on stage. Incorporating quirky lyrics with funny stage antics, My Cousin Leonard boasts one of the more solid and satisfying shows in the area.

Venues Played:
- The Magic Bag (Ferndale, MI)
- Clutch Cargos (headlined both stages - Pontiac, MI)
- The Magic Stick (Detroit, MI)
- The Pontiac Silverdome (Pontiac, MI)
- Memphis Smoke (Royal Oak, MI)
- The Post Bar (Mt Clemens, MI)
- The Berkley Front (Berkley, MI)
- The New Way Bar (Ferndale, MI)
- Rumours (Royal Oak, MI)
- Rubbles (Mt Pleasant, MI)
- Jimmy's Roadhouse (Coldwater, MI)
- Churchhill's (Flint, MI)
- Mac's Bar (Lansing, MI)
- College parties in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana

National Acts MCL has opened for:
- Ekoostic Hookah
- The Big Wu
- New Monsoon

Local bands MCL has played with:
- Simplicity
- Huckleberry Groove
- Grasshopper
- Josh Waldecker Trio
- Tinley
- The Singles
- Changes
- The Fuzz
- Greenstreet


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Set List

My Cousin Leonard's setlist is always different, typically consisting of 70% originals and 30% covers. MCL fan favorites include Messed Up, Who's Calling My Name, and Freida. Along with over 20 originals, MCL's wide variety of covers range from Stevie Wonder and The Talking Heads to TV Theme songs and that one song they did...I know it...err, who's that by??? MCL plays anywhere from one, one hour set to two, hour and a half sets (depending on the occasion). MCL does not allow many breaks in the action, so bring your dancing shoes.

Some Original Titles:
-Messed Up -Who Knows
-Freida -Who's Calling My Name
-Senora Bracero -Deceiver
-Wastebasket -The Right Way
-Wigwam -Tator Tot
-Rugburned Buns -Stories About Organisms
-Gem Mint 10 -I Eat Butter

Some MCL Covers:
- I Wish by Stevie Wonder