Death Metal with grinding and lots of awesome breakdowns. A little hardcore, but our main genre is Deathcore.


We are the only hardcore metal band to come out of the very small town of Winters and more than half of the kids here are our friends and fans. We have only been a full band for about a year but no one ever seems to be able to tell. We are just like any other band out there, looking to have fun and make it in this industry. We work very hard and take pride in what we do. Our influences are all the metal bands that are already big that support us and let us play shows with them. We thankyou to them, our friends at venues, and to awesome promoters.


We have released only one single about a year ago called, "Spicy Chicken Tits". We like to name our EPs and songs the no other band would. We have a sense of humor.

Set List

Our typical set list is of 6 songs. All aren't longer than 4 mins. Our sets usually last about 15 to 20 mins. We have no cover songs at the moment.